HKBN Spearheads Adoption Leave to Support Children and Families

HONG KONG, Oct. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Understanding the needs of parents who welcome an adopted child into a family, HKBN Group ("HKBN") today introduced a pioneering 14-day ‘Adoption Leave’ for all Talents in Hong Kong, mainland China, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia. By giving Talents who become adoptive parents paid time-off to prepare a child-friendly environment and build a loving, trusting relationship with the new family member, this policy furthers our efforts to go far beyond the obligations stipulated by law in creating a Talent-first workplace.

Inspired by Mother's Choice, HKBN spearheads new 14-day Adoption Leave to help Talents prepare their home for a new family member.
Inspired by Mother’s Choice, HKBN spearheads new 14-day Adoption Leave to help Talents prepare their home for a new family member.



CY Chan, HKBN’s Co-Owner & Chief Talent and Purpose Officer, said, "Adoptive parents have traveled a long road to accommodate a new family member, but they’re often not compensated when taking leave as most companies only provide statutory maternity and paternity leaves for natural parents. By adding this missing piece to our already progressive list of family-first benefits, we ensure our Talents arrive at work fully motivated to help us stay competitive and deliver on our Core Purpose ‘Make our Home a Better Place to Live’. It’s also how we set an example for other companies out there — that offering beyond what the law requires has its own rewards."

Alia Eyres, CEO of Mother’s Choice, said, "Companies commonly adopt various family-friendly work policies, but the concept of adoption is still fairly new in Hong Kong. We’re happy to see that HKBN has taken an important step to support adoptive families at the workplace. Adoption leave makes a big difference to new adoptive parents, helping with stress and allowing them to focus on bonding and building attachment with their child."

To show its full support and encouragement for big-hearted Talents, HKBN is teaming up with Mother’s Choice, a Hong Kong charity dedicated to helping children find safe, loving families for over three decades, to hold a webinar (click to register) on 11 November 2020 where CY will join with Mother’s Choice to share heartwarming adoption stories, HR industry best practices in handling adoption cases, and how companies can best support adoptive parents in the workplace.

About Mother’s Choice

Mother’s Choice is a local charity serving the many children without families and pregnant teenagers in Hong Kong. We join hands with our community to give hope and change the life stories of vulnerable girls and babies. Our vision is to see every child in a loving family.  Connect with us at our website, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

About HKBN Group

HKBN Group ("HKBN" or the "Group"), headquartered in Hong Kong with operations spanning across Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, mainland China and Macau, is a leading integrated telecom and technology solutions provider. HKBN’s Core Purpose is to "Make our Home a Better Place to Live". The Group is managed by around 990 of Co-Owners (majority of supervisory and management level Talents in the Group) who have skin-in-the-game through investing their family savings to buy shares of HKBN Ltd. (SEHK Stock Code: 1310) or investing a portion of their salary towards a common KPI for the beyond-Hong Kong business of the Group. HKBN operates through three core brands, Hong Kong Broadband Network, HKBN Enterprise Solutions and HKBN JOS. The Group offers a comprehensive range of solutions that include broadband, data connectivity, managed Wi-Fi, integrated cloud solutions, information security, mobile, voice communications, digital solutions, IoT, big data, enterprise applications, data centre facilities, business continuity services, system integration that cumulative to our one-stop-shop offering of Transformation as a Service (TaaS). HKBN’s tri-carrier fibre infrastructure in Hong Kong covers about 2.4 million residential homes and 7,300 commercial buildings and facilities. For more information about HKBN, please visit

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