To Ensure Guests a Safe & Healthy Quarantine Stay

From HKD990nett per night with Daily 3 Meals & USD24-110 Cash Credits

HONG KONG, April 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The award-winning Dorsett Wanchai, Hong Kong continues to uphold the #DorsettCares promise by recruiting a new army of high-tech droids and solutions at the hotel to bring its comprehensive hygiene measures to the next level.

High-tech Droids at Dorsett Wanchai
High-tech Droids at Dorsett Wanchai

These measures range from the iCleanic’s Intelligent Sanitization Station that sanitizes the body from head to toe as well as the belongings of arriving guests, the autonomous cleaning and disinfecting "Whiz Gambit" Robot and the Portable Gambit ensure all public areas and rooms are virus-free, while the UV-C air purifier guarantees the best air quality, to the RICE Robot that allows contact-less delivery of amenities. These droids are now in service to ensure all guests the safest, healthiest, and freshest stay ever.

As "One of the Best Hong Kong Hotels for Quarantine" recommended by Discovery, Cathay Pacific & Time Out Magazine and the "Best Quarantine Hotel in Hong Kong – Silver" by Expat Living, Dorsett Wanchai offers a quarantine package for 7 nights from HKD990nett per night, with daily 3 meals and USD24–110 cash credits for use during the guests’ stay.

Effortless Disinfection with the "Whiz Gambit" Robot and Portable Gambit

Dorsett Wanchai has recruited the best-in-class SGS-certified "Whiz Gambit" Robot, which has a 99.99% efficiency of killing the COVID-19 virus, bacteria, airborne fungi, and to deep clean carpets and disinfect every corner at the hotel lobby, guest floors and other public areas. It also generates disinfectant particles in dry mist form, which leaves a long-lasting and durable antimicrobial protective coating for more than 45 days to effectively inactivate microorganisms on all exposed surfaces.

After guests’ checkout, what follows the comprehensive cleaning procedures with Ecolab’s hospital-grade Disinfectant Cleaner 2.0 is, a thorough disinfection and antimicrobial coating of the guestroom by the Portable Gambit, which is as powerful as the bio-decontamination compartment of "Whiz Gambit", and can be controlled via a mobile app.  

Added Measures for Extra Safety

At Dorsett Wanchai, the best indoor air quality is also guaranteed 24/7 with air purifiers that feature IoT High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) UV-C Technology, in all 454 guestrooms and guest floors.

To minimize human contact, the RICE Robot would assist staff in delivering amenities to guests all over the hotel when guests call for extra amenities.

Humans and AI Joining Forces as the Perfect Team  

"We are thrilled to welcome the high-tech members who can do an even better job than humans when it comes to cleaning and disinfection, taking our safety measures to a new height. With them, our staff can now spend more time taking care of our guests," said Ms. Anita Chan, General Manager of Dorsett Wanchai, Hong Kong.

Disinfecting Guestroom with Portable Gambit
Disinfecting Guestroom with Portable Gambit

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