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You might have noticed, for several years that this blog is existing there are only two categories, technology and photography. Today i have added another category and that is the startup. With the growing interest of entrepreneurs in the startup scene in emerging markets I have decided to help the startups have a voice or exposure through this blog.

Today i would like to share my story, although by some standards my business might not be considered a startup, i believe it is. Anyway, i am from Baguio City, a small city north of Manila, Philippines. I have been engaged with technology ever since the nintendo family computer days and had been fascinated by it ever since. Today i am engaged in digital marketing as a consultant and have worked on several campaigns, ok now, before this turns out to be a resume type of post, the point is that i have been using technology for my business and i have been passionate about bringing innovation in my city. However, because i really am not a popular person nor have i come from a prominent family in our city, i am not rich but because of my passion to help businesses learn how to properly use the internet to promote their brand i found ways to collaborate and bring together entrepreneurs and organize training to teach them, and all these i do for free with the help of the community GBG Baguio.

However, keeping the community and the collaboration together among the entrepreneurs in our City is only good until after the event or training this is because of the fact that we do not have a venue to hangout and collaborate. After everybody has gone home we become engulfed in individualism. To keep the community and collaboration going i have thought of opening a co-working space in Baguio City. Unfortunately, what i make as a consultant is only enough to pay for the bills, so the problem is where to get the funding for such. I tried asking for a loan giving those who might want to loan me some money to have at least a stake or percentage of the profit, but to no avail. However, that did not stop me to pursue this dream and make it a reality. So right now i  tried crowdfunding. Hopefully, with the kindness of other people who share the same vision of nurturing collaboration among entrepreneurs i would be able to raise the fund needed. If you are interested to contribute or help spread the word you can find my indiegogo campaign below:

The campaign launched today so i will be updating you on how this goes.



Vince is a tech geek, has a passion for sharing knowledge and loves to tinker with different gadgets. Whenever he gets a new gadget he just open the box and figure out how the gadget works without reading the manual.

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