The Hearts Are Gone?

If you have been using Google Plus you know what i mean (by the title of course). Recenty Google plus added several fun features in their platform. The cool autoawesome was added with a Christmas-y feature among them were the twinkling of lights added in your Christmas decor photos and the falling snow in your landscape photo. Every plussers (Google plus users) were happy with those added features except for one…the hearts. Google plus added the floating hearts when you click on the plus one button. Many plussers commented negatively and wanted the feature to be removed. Personally at first it was fine but after pressing lots of plus ones i grew tired of it and it looked corny.

Google Is Listening?

Is Google listening to the clamour of their plussers? Just today i +1’d a post and it seems that the hearts are gone. I have tried it with several other posts and still no hearts. Does it mean that the hearts are gone? Or it is just a transition? If it is the latter that could mean that Google indeed values the opinion of their users and they indeed are listening.



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