Your Year In Review In Video?


It was last year that this blogger first noticed the year in review feature of Facebook. For those who do not have any idea a year in review is a compilation of your highlight posts for the whole year. From what i can observe the photos or posts that are featured in your 2013 Year In Review are those posts where you got the most engagements, which means more likes, shares and comments.


Google Plus Did One Better

This year however, with the release of Google Plus, this Google social spine did one better. Taking advantage of its autoawesome feature Google plus has compiled your highlight photos and turned it into a stunning somewhat dramatic (with the time of your life background music) video. Personally, this year in review version of Google Plus is a lot better than that of Facebook’s because of the simple fact that it is in video.

Its a video…

Common Denominator

What these two social media platforms did however was to make our year in review easier, all we need to do is to share it with the public or with our friends and families. Gone are the days when you make your own year in review where it will definitely take a huge chunk of your time.

Have you got your year in review yet? We would like to view it! Comment with your Year in Review URL.



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