Gadget Gifts For Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and i am sure you are saving the most expensive gift last on your list to be bought as present either for a love one of for you. Yes we admit it, gadgets for us are really expensive types of gifts and to give it away may make it a lot more expensive. But it is the season of giving and nothing really would replace that priceless look in the face of a person receiving a gadget as gift this Christmas. One problem however for you would be the fact that there are just too many gadgets available in the market out there, at one point this might be something that is advantageous but in another it is quite disadvantageous. The disadvantageous part is actually…too many choices so little time, remember its just barely four days before Christmas. To help you out with your shopping here are some gadget gift ideas.

1. Android Phone For the Person On the Go – android phones comes in different shapes and sizes and price tags, the best thing about an android phone is that you can either purchase a low end or a high end phone with a low and high price tag respectively. It’s kinda like a choice between an Iphone 5C or an Iphone 5s only that you have a range of choices with android phones.


a. Nexus 5 – For around $349 this phone really is powerful and yet affordable (affordable than an iPhone that is). Integrated                                      with the latest android OS version the Kitkat really adds more the functionality of this mobile device. Not to                                               mention the five inch HD display which makes your viewing experience a lot better.

b. Galaxy Note 3 – announced third quarter of this year, the Galaxy Note 3 gives a whole new dimension to the functionality                                                     of a phablet. With new features like air command a stylus pen and its capability to carry out various                                                                 functions makes this device the perfect gift for the business person on the go. That is if you could spend

2. Smartwatch/Fitness Watch – fitness has become one of the craze in 2013 and that prompted manufacturers to develop gadgets that would help fitness buffs track down their progress. Of course you could just download a fitness app on your phone but who wants to carry a phone while jogging or doing your exercise routines? So the Smartwatch was developed for fitness and now for a whole other purpose.

Recommendations: You will notice that there are fitness watches and smartwatches the prices of these two are almost the same with the former being a little bit cheaper. However, their functionalities are not that similar, Smartwatches offers a lot more than tracking your steps or the ladders you climbed. This is why we recommend buying a Smartwatch rather that the fitness version, because with the Smartwatch you are able to do what the fitness watch can and more.

3. Tablet / Ebook Reader For the Bookworms– Tablets also has become popular in 2013 and we believe with the release of the iPad Air such phenomenon would persist until the next year, yes people the tablet is not just a crazy fad it is here to stay so better get one or get one as a present. Many book stores also have been jumping in to the bandwagon by providing their version of an e-book reader, yep ebook readers are not monopolized by Amazon’s Kindle.

Recommendations: Buy a tablet and download the Amazon Kindle Reader App this way you get more functionalities more than that of an ebook reader. But if you are easily distracted by too many apps on your tablet and you really want to focus on your reading then buy an ebook reader. Whatever your choice is, if you are buying this for a bookworm then throwin a book or two.


Yep this might not be much of a gadget guide since we did not line up all of the possible gadget gifts this Christmas but hey we want you to narrow your choices this way it is easier for you to choose, remember Christmas is just around the corner.




Vince is a tech geek, has a passion for sharing knowledge and loves to tinker with different gadgets. Whenever he gets a new gadget he just open the box and figure out how the gadget works without reading the manual.

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