Samsung Unveiled The Galaxy Note III and Smartwatch Galaxy Gear

The date is September 4, 2013, the place is the Tempodrom in Berlin, the event? Of course the much awaited unveiling of the the Samsung Smartwatch and the Galaxy Note III. For several weeks now the internet is abuzz about the unveiling of Samsungs’ new product, the Smartwatch. There have been a lot of speculations even VentureBeat released photos of the alleged high-tech watch. Today however, we will all see what really is the Smartwatch and why it create a huge buzz. The Start of the Program The emcee for the unpacked 2013 is Jason Bradbury, the event is called Unpacked 2013 Version 2. This event is so huge in fact they have connected everyone through their live stream. Next to speak is JK Shin the Head of IT of Samsung who unveiled the new Galaxy Note III.

Galaxy Note III Unveiled

According to Shin when they began developing the Galaxy Note series they have listened to the users, thus began the evolution of the Galaxy Note. With the Galaxy Note III it definitely focused on the user, Samsung developed the Note III by making sure that ergonomics is integrated which means it is lighter to the touch, despite the fact that they have increase the size of the screen. Another feature that was highlighted was the Security features of the Note III known as the Samsung Knox, just goes to show that Samsung gave importance on security. As for the screen you get a 5.7 Super AMOLED Screen that allows you to multi task better with more space. The Galaxy Note III comes in several color designs, 10 to be exact. Lastly, the Samsung Galaxy Note III was integrated with LTE feature, well according to Shin it is Faster and Seamless LTE. But the surprises did not end there are Samsung’s head of marketing also unveiled the new S-pen of the Galaxy Note 3, now it is not just a pen but also a key to unlock more features of your Galaxy Note 3, specifically the air command.

The Air Command and Other Cool Features

Action memo – write function then save

Scrapbook  – content that you can save for later, information gathering tool

Multi-Window – allows you to open two applications at the same time or even chat with two people at the same time.

Pen Window – allows you to open and use another app without having to change app window.

The Galaxy Note III actions are summarized to Dot, Circle and Box

Samsung Galaxy Gear (SmartWatch) Features

Receive call by putting your hand on your ear and voila you can now take that call

The Galaxy Gear integrates with the Galaxy Note 3

Comes with a Camera or Called the Memographer

1.63 Inch Screen 320×320 Super Amoled Display

Cross compatible to other Samsung Devices

 Take Away From Unpacked

There are a lot of takeaways from this years’ unpacked event from Samsung, as it revealed that Samsung really do listen to their clients, the users of their product and improvement means creating something people like and then some. Indeed it is going to be an exciting year for Samsung. Thanks to the YouTube live stream we were able to get the different photos via the ol screencapture.

Now where can i test run that Galaxy Gear?

“When writing the story of your life – do not let others hold the pen”


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