Harvard Offers Complete Photography Course For Free Online


I first got my camera when DSLR’s are a status symbol in the Philippines. Since it was a purchase that is really heavy on the pocket, I decided to do something with it instead of just jumping on the bandwagon. I didn’t have any mentors, but I started reading photography blogs, DPreview and Digital photography school were my first go to sites for learning more about photography. The thrill and excitement that you get when you are able to duplicate a shot done by a professional are really incomparable.

It was fun until such time that I started mingling with my fellow photography enthusiasts, and during that first meet with like minded people, I discovered that I might not belong to this group at all, the terminologies they use and the science they put into taking photos is beyond my understanding. That is when I realized that photography isn’t just about duplicating a shot, it is not only about art but it is more of using the science behind photography to create art.

I started looking for online courses and unfortunately, those courses are too expensive for me. So slowly I had to gather all the information I can learn online for free and attend free seminars or those that charge a minimal fee in our community whenever I can. It took a lot of time invested in learning photography and I can admit that I am still learning.

For those who intend to sharpen their skills or those who want to learn photography today though are very lucky because of Harvard University, yes, the same university where Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates came from, have just uploaded their complete digital photography course online through ALISON. Now you can skip investing a lot of time as I did and immediately jump into learning photography.

There is one caveat on this free digital photography course from Harvard Universty, apparently, this course’s version was in 2009, which means, although most of the digital photography concepts are still true today, the software used to teach you about editing your photos may already be outdated. But still, it is a good place to start learning more about digital photography.

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