H3C Perfects Cloud & AI Native Strategy, Accelerates Digital Transformation with Smarter “Digital Brain”

BEIJING, April 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On April 15, H3C held a tech strategy media & analysts briefing to share its 2022 technology strategy with media and analysts. At the event, H3C introduced the all-round innovation in its Cloud & AI Native strategy and technological upgrades of its "Digital Brain" in aspects including digital infrastructure, cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) platforms, active safety, and unified operation and maintenance (O&M).

H3C will continuously speed up the deployment of smart applications in various industries and inject new impetus into the high-quality development of digital economy through innovations and upgrades in technologies, products and solutions.

Empowering Utilization of Applications Through Technological Innovations

In 2021, H3C helped more than 2,700 industrial customers build and upgrade "Digital Brain" and built 219 industry clouds. So far, H3C has been engaged in the construction of 197 digital governments, smart cities, and digital villages. The practices have further consolidated H3C’s position as a leader of the ICT industry.

Steven Yoe, Co-President and CTO of H3C as well as President of H3C Network Product Line
Steven Yoe, Co-President and CTO of H3C as well as President of H3C Network Product Line

In 2019, H3C debuted its "Digital Brain". Last year, it unveiled the Cloud & AI Native strategy and upgraded its "Digital Brain". In 2022, H3C has further enriched and perfected its Cloud & AI Native strategy, making its "Digital Brain" smarter.

In order to better seize the broad development opportunities of digital economy, H3C will mainly focus its Cloud & AI Native strategy on customers’ scenario-based needs for the application of technologies and the endeavor to improve the efficiency and capabilities of intelligent digital platform so as to empower digital transformation and promote rapid deployment of applications and realize the value of digital technologies, Steven Yoe, Co-President and CTO of H3C as well as President of H3C Network Product Line, said at the conference.

Upgraded "Digital Brain" Unleashes Value of Data Through Platforms Innovations

The brand new "Digital Brain" has introduced a series of new technologies, products, and services, including distributed cloud, privacy computing service, Application-Driven Networking (AD-NET) 6.0 Solution, smart home, safe operation service, multidomain management, and business observability.

Cloud and AI Platforms: Application scenario-based distributed cloud and Oasis Platform 2.0 help unleash the value of data faster

H3C’s cloud and AI platforms, the core engines of "Digital Brain", have undergone all-round upgrading to better adapt to market changes. H3C has upgraded the homogeneous hybrid cloud of UniCloud to distributed cloud. At the same time, on the basis of unified architecture of homogeneous hybrid cloud, the company has continuously built three-dimensional capabilities in cloud, big data and intelligence for industry cloud for the purpose of developing a turnkey solution to distributed cloud that can be deployed flexibly regardless of position, scale, type of application, and mode, said James Chen, Senior Vice President of H3C and Executive President of Unigroup Cloud and AI BG.    

Meanwhile, in an effort to meet the needs of different edge computing scenarios including smart mines, expressways, and carriers, H3C has also launched feature-rich edge cloud solutions with diverse forms, making cloud evolve from computing center to perception center, James Chen said at the conference. He added that UniCloud has also mainly upgraded industry cloud services for different sectors including water, chips, construction, in a bid to build public technology service platforms for various industry segments.

James Chen, Senior Vice President of H3C and Executive President of Unigroup Cloud and AI BG
James Chen, Senior Vice President of H3C and Executive President of Unigroup Cloud and AI BG

H3C’s Oasis Platform 2.0 supports data flow between different clouds, domains, and organizations. It helps users reduce costs and improve efficiency through integrated data operations, accelerates the transmission of mass data and enables easier utilization of data. Besides, it has integrated technologies including blockchain, privacy computing, and data bank, enabling data to flow more safely. So far, Oasis Platform has been widely deployed in more than 50 segmentation scenarios across 8 industries. Besides, H3C has also released SeaSQL distributed database and database as a service (DBaaS), which have helped comprehensively improve data service capacity of its Oasis Platform.

Intelligent Connection: AD-NET 6.0 upgrades AD-NET solutions for campus, data center, and WAN

Adhering to the concepts of cloud and AI-native architecture, open ecosystem, and green and low-carbon development, H3C launched AD-NET 6.0 Solution. Through nine innovative solutions, including all-optical network (AON), Cloudnet, 5GtoB, smart non-destructive network, deterministic network, computing power network, IPv6+, active safety system, and zero trust software-defined perimeter (SDP), H3C has comprehensively upgraded solutions to the three major application scenarios: Application-Driven Campus (AD-Campus), Application-Driven Date Center (AD-DC), and Application-Driven Wide Area Network (AD-WAN).

Furthermore, newly-launched AI-native Wi-Fi 7 APs and H3C S10500X-G, the industrial-leading 400G core switch for campus network, also showcase H3C’s technological strength and innovations in intelligent connection.

Smart IT: All-domain innovation leads computing power to green, efficient development

H3C has extensively explored innovations in cloud, network, edge and terminal for greater computing power, and empowered smart computing and speeded up innovation in upper-layer applications through AI platform, multivariate computing platform, intelligent storage platform, and intelligent management platform.

Meanwhile, H3C has also actively responded to the goal of peaking carbon dioxide emissions and achieving carbon neutrality by launching eco-friendly new products using liquid cooling technology. Therefore, H3C has led digital industries to green and efficient development through green management and O&M.

Xu Run’an, Vice President of H3C and President of Compute & Storage Product Line
Xu Run’an, Vice President of H3C and President of Compute & Storage Product Line

H3C also strives to improve product experience and pursue the vision of green and low-carbon development in its business segments of terminals as it implements on the overall industry chain layout of "chip, cloud, network, edge and terminal". After releasing a series of products including commercial notebook and desktops, H3C will continue to improve the product portfolio and help accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises with perfect products.

Active Safety: Laying the cornerstone of innovations in active safety systems with data

H3C has established a brand new Active Safety 3.0 technology system, and, driven by business security, provided customers with network security solutions covering cloud, network, edge and terminal. By integrating its software and hardware products and professional security services, H3C helps customers improve efficiency and performance of network security protection.

IT Unified Operation: Guaranteeing efficient collaboration and reliable performance of operation systems through continuous innovation

This year, H3C has put forward two new technologies, namely multidomain management and business observability, to improve the overall performance of IT service management. Multidomain management can realize efficient collaboration on and management of digital platforms through comprehensive management of infrastructure and technology domains. Business observability is able to give users an insight into business operations and indicators of business operations, such as delays in and the health of O&M, from the perspective of customers, and provide comprehensive guidance on business operation and innovation.

As digital economy penetrates into more scenarios and vertical industries and shifts focus from expansion in scale to technology-driven growth, the core goal of digital transformation is changing from architecture and capacity building to the deployment and utilization of scenario-based applications.

Against such a backdrop, H3C will deepen its Cloud & AI Native strategy, further sharpen its full-stack ICT capabilities, and anchor efforts in ICT industry trends, so as to develop digital solutions suitable for user scenarios and vertical industries, Yang Xi, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of H3C, said at the event.

Yang Xi, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of H3C
Yang Xi, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of H3C

By making continuous efforts to develop digital solutions catering for customers’ application scenarios by leveraging cloud and AI-native technological innovations, and contribute to the integration of the digital world and the physical world with its constantly evolving "Digital Brain", H3C aims to become the most reliable partner of customers across various industries amid the wave of digital transformation.


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