H3C Launches Channel Kickoff 2022 in Thailand, Exploring Digital Cooperation for Intelligent Future

BANGKOK, Thailand, Feb. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — H3C Channel Kickoff 2022 has been launched in Thailand On February 25, a digital event examining the bold steps forward made by the Southeast Asian country in digital construction and digital technology, empowered by H3C’s range of technical facilities and solutions.


Speaking at the event, Gary Huang, H3C’s President of International Business and Senior Vice President, said that H3C has been working to provide local industry clients in Thailand with comprehensive digital solutions in areas including cloud computing, big data and information security. "Moving forward, H3C will be able to develop more rapidly in 2022, as we seek to enable mutual growth with our partners."

Thailand’s digital economy is among the fastest growing in Southeast Asia, with significant growth potential remaining. "In 2021, we can clearly see many achievements made by H3C in the development of global channels," said Davis Hui, Head of International Channel Department of H3C. "This year, based on our ‘Partners First’ principle, we are accelerating our resource investment, technology innovation, service capabilities, digital talent cultivation and digital platform construction."

H3C’s "Partners First" principle reflects the company’s longstanding dedication to collaboration in channel strategies, seeking to benefit both partners and customers. H3C provides update services for partners with the technical assistance of ACP/CP online registration, while channel incentive policies assist partners in digital construction. H3C also works to empower partners in support and sales services. H3C’s Partner Portal and e-Learning Center provide partners with professional training and qualification seminars, helping them improve their professional capabilities and industry competitiveness in digital construction.

This collaborative approach has been critical for H3C to develop its global service system, expanding the company’s service capability across more than 60 countries and over 230 cities. In 2022, H3C’s new channel service policy, the H3C Non-Stop Technical Support System, along with its Channel Empowerment and Credits Program, will help to further empower partners and customers. In Thailand, H3C Channel Partner Service will provide H3CNE/SE Certification/Solution Training, Service Policy Training and Service Process Training.

The H3C Channel Kickoff event also showcased numerous H3C’s key products and solutions. Among them, H3C Smart Campus Solution applies a variety of leading technologies to support the intelligent connection and technological development of various sectors including government, education, etc. H3C also displayed cutting-edge technologies and products including its Entry-level TOR DC Switch and H3C MagicHub, an integrated intelligent terminal smartboard featuring conference management, professional video conferencing, ultra-smooth writing, and HD screen transfer display.

At the event, H3C also presented awards to its partners in recognition of their achievements and contributions in the process of digitalization in Thailand. Eight partners were granted the Top Sales Elite Award, Industrial Market Development Award, Solutions Sales Elite Award, Top Service Sales & Delivery Award, Best Collaboration Award and Best Growth Award.

"H3C officially entered Thai market in 2019. By leveraging supports from ecosystem partners, we have established close collaborations with many local channel partners. In the future, H3C will focus on the government, education, healthcare, manufacturing and carrier industries to seize digital opportunities and create more business value," said Richard Xie, Vice President of H3C International Business.

As the digital wave is sweeping across the world at a rapid pace, H3C will continue to provide end-users with end-to-end digital solutions and services based on Thailand’s local conditions and real needs of digitalization. H3C looks to continue to deepen cooperation with more partners in the digital industry, coordinating development with both key local partners and users to jointly contribute to Thailand’s digital economy.


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