H3C Exhibits at Interop Tokyo 2022, Empowering Global Markets with Strong Digital Capabilities

TOKYO, June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — H3C recently exhibited at the Interop Tokyo 2022 (hereinafter referred to as "Interop Tokyo"), the largest annual ICT industry event in Japan. H3C showcased a wide range of its latest digital achievements and scenario-based solutions at the 3-day exhibition, demonstrating its strong capabilities in digital technology. At the show, H3C’s latest enterprise-class AI-native Wi-Fi 7 product WA7638 won the Best of Show Award Grand Prize.

H3C’s AI-native Wi-Fi 7 AP WA7638 wins Grand Prize for Best of Show Award in the Mobile Computing (WiFi etc.) category at Interop Tokyo 2022
H3C’s AI-native Wi-Fi 7 AP WA7638 wins Grand Prize for Best of Show Award in the Mobile Computing (WiFi etc.) category at Interop Tokyo 2022

Breaking the Limits of Wireless Technology to Create Faster and Smarter Digital Experience

In 2020, the Japanese government issued its Digital Government Implementation Plan to promote digital transformation across all sectors with an increasing focus on 5G, IT infrastructure and e-government.

Among a wide range of digital offerings, wireless access networks are a must-have for industrial digital transformation among major sectors including government, education, healthcare and enterprise. H3C’s enterprise-class AI-native Wi-Fi 7 product WA7638 garnered the Interop Tokyo 2022 Best of Show Award Grand Prize. Built upon its proprietary iRadio, iStation, iEdge and iHeal technologies, WA7638 delivers a transmission rate of up to 18.44 Gbps, keeps network latency within 5 milliseconds (ms), and can support over 400 concurrent users. The product also increases channel utilization by 56%, terminal access efficiency by 33%, and the number of transmission channels by 220%, reducing the overall time needed for operation and maintenance (O&M) by 30%. H3C’s Wi-Fi 7 APs serve as a key part of its key scenario-based solutions targeted for the international market including Synergy Working, Innovative Education, Efficient Healthcare, etc. while creating a solid and reliable network foundation for facilitating the digital transformation of these industries in Japan.

H3C S12500R 400G converged switch router was shortlisted for the Best of Show Award at Interop Tokyo 2022
H3C S12500R 400G converged switch router was shortlisted for the Best of Show Award at Interop Tokyo 2022

Meanwhile, H3C S12500R 400G Switching Router was shortlisted for the Best of Show Award. Featuring great advantages including stability, scalability, high performance and sustainability, the product brings quality experience to multiple scenarios including carrier backbone networks, cloud computing through the data centers interconnection (DCI) network, as well as government and enterprise-level data centers, which further demonstrates the leading role of H3C in the realm of data center networking.

Helping Digital Transformation Across all Sectors in Japan

H3C showcases new digital and intelligent products at Interop Tokyo 2022
H3C showcases new digital and intelligent products at Interop Tokyo 2022


H3C showcases new digital and intelligent products at Interop Tokyo 2022
H3C showcases new digital and intelligent products at Interop Tokyo 2022

Japan’s favorable policies and stringent quality requirements for product offerings huge opportunities for the world’s top digital providers. With its sophisticated technologies, leading-edge offerings and scenario-based solutions tailored to specific industries, coupled with excellence in service delivery, H3C, in partnership with local customers and partners, has played a key role in accelerating the country’s digitalization. Most notable have been the company’s important breakthroughs in delivering solutions to educational institutions, medical services and Telcos, alongside enterprise solutions for corporates. At the event, H3C exhibited a powerful portfolio of digital products and solutions encompassing four major segments: Ubiquitous Network, Intelligent Connectivity, Cloud and AI Platforms, as well as DC/ISP products.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the Japanese digital market has thrived as the new ways of working, such as remote work have become widely accepted, highlighting the country’s inherent urgent demand for digital transformation. As the core of H3C’s Synergy Working solution, Cloudnet enables unified management of multi networks through the intelligent cloud O&M platform, which has drawn much attention at the event. The strong wireless network operation and intelligent cloud O&M capabilities can support access from multiple devices and optimize the performance of office networks, effectively solving problems such as network delays in remote office scenarios, while improving overall office efficiency.

In addition, H3C’s Innovative Education solution which converges Cloudnet and other products and solutions has been successfully applied to Japan’s GIGA School initiative, providing easy-to-manage, high-speed and secure campus networks for local primary and secondary schools. By leveraging the Cloudnet solution, local education authorities are able to integrate the management of wired and wireless networks from multiple schools through a single intelligent cloud O&M platform, significantly reducing the time and cost of maintenance and improving network management efficiency in educational scenarios.

At the same time, H3C has developed a novel and converged model that empowers its Efficient Healthcare solution to boost digitalization of major cities throughout Japan in the post-pandemic era by centralizing the management of storage and O&M, while integrating existing network resources. The model integrates its HCI solution (built on the UIS converged infrastructure) and the Workspace cloud desktop solution (built on the hybrid infrastructure of VDI, IDV and VOI).

Shaping a Digital Future through a Series of Full-stack Products and Digital Solutions

Among the showcased products, the lineup of H3C DC/ISP offerings includes the world-leading CR16000-MB carrier-class core router, S12508CR switch router and the new-generation R4900 G5 server. The product portfolio can flexibly process and optimize network configuration, allowing for ultra-high-speed and low-latency operation, with the benefit of reduced operating costs.

The biggest highlight of Interop is ShowNet, where exhibitors are given an extraordinary opportunity to showcase their own digital products and solutions by creating a booth network. At the event this year, H3C partnered with Cisco, Juniper and other ICT vendors to build a smart network integrating data and wireless access throughout the exhibition area. The deployment of H3C’s WX1840H controllers, S6520X-SI multi-rate PoE switches, WA6638 WiFi6 wireless APs, UIS3000 G5 hyper-converged infrastructure, S9820 switches and other data center products ensured the stability and fluency of the network. Notably, Interop’s organizers were particularly impressed by H3C’s AP product WA6638 for its compact size and flexible installation. It was also most widely used in building the exhibition networks.

H3C’s engagement and awards winning at Interop Tokyo 2022 is not only a demonstration of its dedication to the Japan ICT market but also a key step in showcasing its latest digital achievements in overseas markets. H3C will continuously contribute to the global digital transformation by optimizing its overseas strategy as well as enhancing its brand awareness and footprint in the international market.


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