GUUD Indonesia Announces Integration with CEISA 4.0 in partnership with National Logistic Ecosystem (“NLE”) and MPN G3

First trade technology company in Indonesia to have a fully integrated platform connected with the Customs and first digital logistics platform appointed as an LPL for collection of government duties and taxes

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Dec. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — PT GUUD Logistics Indonesia ("GUUD Indonesia"), the Indonesia office of the GUUD group, a leading trade technology company, has announced that Clickargo is now the first digital logistics platform in Indonesia to have completed a full integration pilot project with CEISA 4.0 under NLE, enabling seamless applications for customs declarations. GUUD Indonesia has also been officially appointed as an LPL and is now authorised to collect duties and taxes on behalf of the government.

In partnership with Indonesia’s NLE, the platform’s integration pilot project with the Customs’ CEISA 4.0 application helps facilitate integration and collaboration between governments and logistics businesses, allowing for fast, secure, and convenient document mapping, submissions and approvals.

With the robust artificial intelligence powered cognitive machine recognition (CMR) used in Clickargo’s ClicDeclare trade declaration services, users will be able to scan handwritten documents or PDFs into the Clickargo platform and this is automatically identified and populated into the right fields for submission and processing by Customs Authorities. The technology helps improve accuracies, saves time, and allows for easier document checking.

As part of the seamless clearance process, beside clearance declarations, Clickargo also features ClicGatepass, a module specifically designed to help to get your Gatepasses digitally to clear your cargo from the seaport or airport.

Both these modules help users save on processing time for manual submissions, prevents loss of paper documents and also provides greater data visibility, accountability and traceability. With Clickargo appointed as an LPL collection agent, quick digital payments of government taxes and duties is now also made possible, creating fast, simple workflows for traders and shippers who wish to coordinate their entire compliance and shipment process within a single platform

Mr Johan Djaja, President Director of PT GUUD Logistics Indonesia shared, "We are proud to be the first trade technology platform to be part of the integrated pilot project with CEISA 4.0 under NLE to allow for seamless submissions of trade declarations to the Customs Authorities. This integration will bring a lot of benefit to business users, who will now be able to seamlessly submit, track and get applications approved faster. Beyond the tracking and convenient digital submissions, Clickargo also promises powerful data reusability and analytics, to help business owners prepare relevant reports and documents for government submissions."

Mr Agus Sudarmadi, IT Director of the National Logistics Ecosystem shared, "We believe that digital platforms such as Clickargo can benefit many Indonesian traders, by providing integrated access to related government services under NLE, improving the overall performance of logistics services in Indonesia. With the integration to CEISA 4.0 under NLE, users can now easily submit logistics and trade declarations and get responses in real-time from the respective authorities, including Customs.."

Clickargo, a part of the GUUD ecosystem, is a digital platform that provides seamless end-to-end trade transactions all the way from application of permits to governments, booking of shipping and trucking options as well as payments of taxes and duties.

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About GUUD
GUUD, a new digital way to trade globally, is a technology platform and group of businesses under the vCargo Cloud umbrella. The GUUD group references the UN/CEFACT Buy-Ship-Pay model to cover all aspects of trade facilitation, bypassing long-standing barriers to trade, and digitally transforming trade processes so they become simpler, more efficient and more inclusive.

Led by a strong team of industry and IT professionals, GUUD aspires to help anyone and everyone, especially micro, small and medium enterprises, to become a player in global trade and to export and import from any part of the world.

Our mission is to Trade for Good, and guided by UN’s sustainable development goals, we pursue what is good for people, businesses and economies, helping improve livelihoods, generating prosperity and creating technological efficiencies and improvements everywhere we go.

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