Greater Bank Wins Silver at the 2021 Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards with its Intranet Built on the Elcom Digital Employee Experience Platform

SYDNEY, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Elcom Technology (Elcom), a leading Digital Employee Experience Platform, is pleased to announce their client, Greater Bank, an Australian customer-owned bank and mutual financial institution, has won a Silver Award in the 2021 Step Two Intranet & Digital Workplace Awards.

Greater Bank Intranet
Greater Bank Intranet

The global awards recognise outstanding contributions to the fields of intranets and digital workplaces, honouring remarkable solutions that deliver business value to their organisations and then share them with the wider community. Greater Bank has been awarded Silver in the "Intranet Essentials" category. 

Built on the Elcom Digital Employee Experience Platform, the intranet features interactive social functionality, an engaging home page for news content, sophisticated search and a navigation architecture that supports the way employees work. 

A judge from the Step Two Awards comments, "The approach to develop the intranet checked all the right boxes, from establishing governance and auditing content to all of the steps involved in ensuring good, user-centred design. The branding and personality are infused with energy and a contagious positivity, unexpected for a bank. This intranet also captures an important but often overlooked focus: that a positive employee experience… translates to a positive customer experience."

The impact of Greater Bank’s new intranet, EVI, to the business has been significant and over 94% of staff are active users. Greater Bank are able to provide an engaging and personalised employee portal that houses a significant volume of information in an appealing interface. From employee toolkits through to the latest travel advice, the intranet design and implementation has made it easier to serve customers effectively.

A spokesperson from Greater Bank explains, "The Elcom team worked hard to achieve a solution for us, and their support since has been excellent. EVI has become a trusted and go-to resource for the organisation, helping build on our open and transparent culture while enabling employees to continue serving customers. In this changing landscape, it is a key platform for driving employee and customer success."

Elcom’s Customer Solutions Director, Josh Anstey, adds, "We designed the Elcom Digital Employee Experience Platform to make it easy for employees to connect with each other, with valuable resources and with the organisation, in an engaging and personalised way. It is great to see this come to life with the Greater Bank Intranet. We are proud to have partnered with the team at Greater Bank to support their distributed workforce and shift to a hybrid working model."

Key components of the Greater Bank intranet include: 

  • Resource hub. EVI is a valuable support and reference point, particularly for frontline employees who serve customers in branches and for all employees to stay up to date with the pandemic. They can either drill down through well-designed menus and browse the meaningful hierarchy and categorisation, or simply search for it.
  • Mandatory reads. Greater Bank can now track if employees have read or watched important communications. For example, all employees who work at the head office were required to watch a video, read Covid guidelines and acknowledge they understand the new requirements by clicking the acknowledge button. Managers were notified of their employees who had not completed this task.
  • Personalisation. Decluttering the interface and personalising the intranet experience optimises the experience for employees. Content which isn’t of use to a group such as in store branch staff is ‘hidden’ from view and search results. News items and stories are targeted to frontline or office employees. The main social feed on the homepage is an amalgamation of private and public social groups an employee is a member of.
  • Enterprise search. The powerful search makes use of taxonomies and metadata and includes federated search integration so that content produced and distributed by their eDM platform can also be searched and included in the main search results.
  • Staff directory. The directory makes it easy to find any employee’s contact information including group information such as ‘Managers’ which is built from Payroll system and maintained with Active Directory synchronisation to the intranet.
  • Social collaboration. Employees can engage with each other, share knowledge and post questions to colleagues. For example, frontline employees use social to reach out to other branches for assistance with processes.

About Greater Bank

Established over 75 years ago, Greater Bank ( ) is an Australian customer-owned bank and mutual financial institution. In a highly consolidated and competitive environment, the focus on the 270,000-strong customer base is the top priority for Greater Bank. This focus has led to the achievement of multiple ‘outstanding customer service’ awards.

About Elcom

Elcom ( ) partners with organisations to build meaningful and productive intranets and digital workplaces that empower staff to perform their best, anywhere and on any device. Elcom’s out of the box intranet built on the Elcom Digital Employee Experience Platform comprises over 100 modules of functionality, together with multiple third-party connectors that can easily be activated depending on an organisation’s requirements.

The platform can also be extended for portals (board portal, client portal, member portal and supplier portal), and has a built-in learning management system for online training, eLearning, staff onboarding and compliance. Elcom is used by organisations across all industries including Austrade, Inner West Council, Ascham School, Kia Motors Australia, Forty Winks and Clayton Utz.


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