SINGAPORE, Jan. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GRAVITY GAME HUB (GGH) shares Ragnarok Online Ascendance’s Pre-Registration is now officially open for Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Ragnarok Online is an iconic PC game MMORPG from the classic version released in 2002 by Gravity Co., Ltd (NASDAQ: GRVY). Ragnarok Online Ascendance is getting a fresh launch with its improved community and intense competitive features that veteran players and new players of this generation can enjoy.

In Ragnarok Online Ascendance, players can explore maps, cities and immerse themselves in the reboot of the fantasy world Midgard. The adventure starts with players as a ‘Novice’. The mission is to grind, quest and socialize the way to the next class along with friends. Teasing some features to look out for, Ragnarok Online Ascendance PC game version will allow gamers in Midgard to take a pick among the exciting variety of evolved jobs available upon transition to the 3rd Class. Take the pick from Rune Knight, Warlock, Ranger, Mechanic, Guillotine Cross, and Arch Bishop. Players can also choose further among classes such as Royal Guard, Sorcerer, Maestro/Wanderer, Geneticist, Shadow Chaser, or Sura. There is no stopping RO players from taking their adventure to the next level with these progressive class options coupled with endless possible character builds and customization in Ragnarok Online Ascendance.

To celebrate the launch of Ragnarok Online Ascendance Pre-Registration, with each milestone met, players, can receive a bundle of in-game rewards and stand a chance to win amazing rewards worth over USD$9000. The GGH’s Team has mapped out upcoming streaming events where players can engage with the team directly. Players can look out for community dialogue events, Streamer collaborations and features, interesting game battles, and even Regional Online gatherings and launches.

FACEBOOK EVENT: Treasure Hunt (Singapore & Malaysia)

Let the hunt begin. The inside information shows that traces of Porings were spotted outside the world of Ragnarok Online. Challenge and test eyesight to find all the hidden Porings. Get ready as the game take players on a fun-filled adventure online that is sure to be remembered. From 19 January to 13 February 2022, players can participate in the Treasure Hunt events, and winners will stand a chance to win exclusive in-game rewards and prizes worth up to USD$9000. Be sure to Like and Follow the Official Facebook Page to receive all the clues.

FACEBOOK EVENT: Trivia Fiesta (Singapore & Malaysia)

Introducing to all players the first official RO Trivia Fiesta. It’s time to test Ragnarok Online knowledge.  A RO Trivia quiz is sure to test the most seasoned players. When players are up to take the challenge, they could take the RO Trivia quiz to find out. Winners will walk away with prizes worth up to USD$4500 and exclusive in-game rewards. RO Trivia Fiesta event information will be released on the Official Facebook Page to receive the latest news and information.

PRE-REGISTRATION EVENT: CSR Milestones (Singapore & Malaysia)

Gravity Game Hub is committed to creating memorable gaming experiences for all and making an impact in the world. The pandemic has had a devastating impact on many, and it believes in the importance of giving back to society. Gravity Game Hub is thrilled to be able to help support the communities by donating to charity organizations. For every milestone met, Gravity Game Hub will be donating USD$500, up to a maximum of USD$10,000. Let’s play a part together by reaching the Pre-Registration target. Players can do their part by Pre-Registering today. More details on Gravity Game Hub’s CSR plans will be released on the Official Facebook Page.

FACEBOOK EVENT: Like and Share Milestones

With the upcoming launch of Ragnarok Online Ascendance, players from all regions can stand a chance to win prizes worth up to USD$4000, simply by Liking and Sharing the official Ragnarok Online GGH Facebook Page. The more likes and shares, the more rewards will be given away.

Don’t miss out on joining the number 1 MMORPG Hit Ragnarok Online Ascendance by Pre-Registering today.

About Gravity Game Hub

Established in 2021, Gravity Game Hub (GGH) Pte Ltd is a game publisher and developer focusing on online and mobile games. Gravity Game Hub is committed to delivering an interactive gaming experience and creating a dynamic community for all players in South East Asia.

Gravity Game Hub is a subsidiary of GRAVITY Co., Ltd. (NasdaqGM: GRVY) a developer and publisher of online and mobile games headquartered in South Korea. The company is the creator of the globally recognized Ragnarok Online with over 120 million users worldwide.

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