Google lets out 10 biggest announcements in I/O 2018

Google has never stopped working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) optimization for its consumers’ welfare. That’s simply the reason why they never fail to capture the world’s attention for innovations they’re working on. They always give us something to look forward to with uncontainable excitement.

Once again, all that’s left to say is WOW!

Just wow till the end

Google I/O 2018 was totally a blast with its 10 groundbreaking news spearheaded by Google CEO Sundar Pichai. He started out by saying that it’s exciting to drive technology forward with the fast-changing world that we’re in right now. And he was sure to pass this excitement to his audience as the big announcements kept coming afterwards.

Smart compose

One exciting product they’ve introduced is Gmail’s Smart Compose. As the name implies, the feature uses machine learning to suggest phrases while you type. To confirm, you just have to hit tab – and of course, take note of order as you go on. Pichai said that it will be available to users this month.

6 new voices for Google Assistant

Now, we’ll be given the chance to choose from 6 new voices for Google Assistant. This is in addition to the original voice which they call, Holly. It’s so exciting knowing that John Legend’s voice will be included later this year!

Pichai also mentioned about using WaveNet, which resulted to more realistic voices that we’ll be able choose from. At the end of this year, Google Assistant will be supporting 30 different languages.

Google Duplex

Another innovation for Google Assistant would be the experience of having a real life-like assistant. With the use of natural language understanding, deep learning and text-to-speech, Google Assistant will sound so natural that it’s as if you are talking to a real life assistant.

As demonstrated during the I/O, the assistant was asked to call a hair salon to set an appointment. The conversation ran naturally without the employee knowing that she is talking to Google Assistant. In the end, there was even a notification that the appointment has been made.

AI Optimized in Google News

With a whole lot of news being published on the web each day, it takes much of our time looking for the news that we are interested in. But with AI being on top of everything from now on, we won’t miss out on anything.

AI analyzes all the news content being published on the web then organizes them into story lines. From there, It will spot the ones you might be interested in and place them into your briefing. Your briefing will contain the top 5 news at the moment that you might be interested in. You can easily locate what you want to read because the contents are organized from local, to national and global.

And not only will AI give you the news that you care about, but also it will allow you to understand the whole story of each content with all the videos, articles, opinions and perspectives organized in the story line.

Lastly, you can choose to follow and support sources that you trust and get the greatest news from them.

Google Photos Editing Feature leveled up

Photos will be having suggested actions initiated by AI such as to share photos to people recognized in them. With just one click, their photos will be sent to them!

Another feature will be to recognize and separate the photo’s subject from it’s background. Google Photos will drop the background color to give emphasis to the subject by popping color.

There’s also automatic colorization of photos that are originally black and white in color. This will come in handy if we have old pictures that we want to preserve and to keep looking new.

Android P

This innovation signals the start of your phone working for you. With the adaptive battery feature, your phone will correlate your apps with your habits in the past. The operating system will study your usage patterns and spend battery only on the apps that you use mostly for efficiency.  It also surfaces apps that you might be using in the future based on your usage pattern.

Android P also offers a dashboard that will help you limit your phone usage. It has a gesture called shush that puts your phone on do-not-disturb mode when you flip it face down so you can concentrate on whatever you are doing. No vibration, pings and other notifications to snatch your attention. Another is wind down, which will automatically turn the phone into do-not-disturb mode and turn the screen to grayscale before bedtime. All you have to is to tell Google Assistant what time you aim to go to sleep and when that time comes, it will be on wind down mode.

Google Maps: For You

Google Maps will be having a new tab called For You. It will keep you in the know of the new places in town, new addresses in locations that you care about and personal recommendations. Under For you will be Your match. It will help you find new places that you’ll love. They developed this, in reference to the information that you have added on the web like restaurants and places you liked, rated and visited.

You can also share the list to your friends if you are deciding as a group on where to hang out. It will allow you all to vote real time or to add other places if you want to.

Re-imagine Walking Navigation

Maps will surely be fun and interactive with the new feature that Google is working on. Also, this will be very helpful for people when visiting new places. All you have to do is point your camera at one direction and you will see places nearby. And to make things better, they’re working on adding a helpful cute creature to serve as your guide.

Google lens capturing text & style from reality

With a new feature called smart text selection, you will be able to copy text from the real world and paste it to a text field on your phone. Another feature to anticipate is style match. It will help you find objects of a similar style with that of what you are looking for. For example, you saw a chandelier and you’re wondering if you can buy something somewhat similar to it. All you have to do is point your camera at it and style match will give you choices with their corresponding prices from internet retailers.

Assistant to be integrated in Smart Displays

This coming July, we’ll be expecting Google Assistant to help us with our smart displays. You can ask Assistant for a recipe, a music video or a series that you want to watch, and surely you will be provided with a bunch to choose from. Aside from this, there’s a lot more that we can ask Assistant to do for us with just the use of our voice commands.






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