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SINGAPORE, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GMT token – a revolutionary new approach to Bitcoin mining – is celebrating its first anniversary. In light of this, GMT has been holding a number of events over the past several weeks, including quizzes and a prize drawing on the project’s Telegram channel, as well as dedicated trading competitions on the MEXC exchange. The platform also organized a Telegram Q&A and AMA session with GMT’s CEO. The online format allowed holders to put questions directly to the face of the project. All of these events have been timed to shine a light on the product – GMT, a computing power-backed Bitcoin mining token.

This year the project has been actively working on putting forward the team. For instance, the aforementioned AMA session with CEO Mark Zalan allowed holders to communicate directly with the firm. Mark spent 20+ years working in IT and Consumer Finance/Banking. Starting his career as a network security engineer with Silicon Valley startups in the late 90s, he eventually led 100+ teams of IT professionals as a CIO for GE Capital, where he spent 12 years in a variety of IT leadership roles. Following GE, Mark founded and led a mobile apps development studio servicing banking customers, selling the business after 3.5 years. He also served as CEO of a consumer lending fintech startup, which he restructured and brought to profitability over a 2.5-year period.

Despite its short time in existence, the company has achieved significant success, constantly increasing the mining potential of its token by updating the firm’s fleet of devices and introducing new capacities. Over the past year, the project has significantly strengthened its foothold in the media: from being on the pages of mainstream outlets (the International Business Times added the project to the list of "Top Blockchain Projects To Follow In 2022") to attracting well-known media personalities as faces of the brand (the famous undefeated UFC champion Khabib Nurmagommedov has been representing the project for more than half a year).

One of the main challenges facing the team is the constantly changing regulatory landscape. According to GMT CEO Mark Zalan: "We operate globally, and ensuring compliance with all applicable jurisdictions across a large number of countries is a unique challenge," he stressed.

A primary objective of GMT is to accelerate the widespread adoption of Bitcoin. Per Zalan: "We are looking to do that through the GMT token which makes it easy for anyone to mine Bitcoin, regardless of their available capital and technical know-how. As the Bitcoin ecosystem evolves, we plan to be actively identifying opportunities to create value-added products for the community."  

GMT’s smart contract anniversary-related events haven’t ended yet, more detailed information is available on the project’s website and social media networks.

About GMT

GMT’s Certik-audited smart contract was created on April 26, 2021, with the firm launching its computing power-backed token. The project’s goal is to simplify the mining process for everyone by handling the logistics, providing around-the-clock uninterrupted service, and securing energy-efficient consumption costs. There are currently over 15,000 GMT token holders receiving daily Bitcoin mining rewards without the hurdles of physically maintaining equipment. During the first six months of the project’s existence, GMT increased the hash rate of the device park from 100,000 Th/s to almost 500,000 Th/s. 

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