Global leading Lighting Brand Linkind announcing to join Work with AiDot Ecosystem

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — To celebrate the joining of leading global solar lighting brand Linkind into the Work with AiDot ecosystem, AiDot will run a Valentine’s Day campaign starting from February 1st, 2022, till Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2022. Work with AiDot partnered with Linkind, OREiN and Winees to provide 5000 units of gifts including smart cameras, smart table lamps, and smart LED bulbs to customers, to help customers with Valentine’s Day home decoration ideas.

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With all the love, Work with AiDot provides plenty of options for Valentines home décor Ideas?

Warm accompany:

It is a hand that is willing to touch but to hesitate, close to reach out but retracted. From a distance that wants to get close but stayed away, the moment of Valentine’s Day, suitable for the warm yellow light to accompany, navy blue light to immerse, changing pink to embrace. Let our smart table lamp (Linkind Smart RGB Table Lamp) always create a suitable lighting atmosphere for you.

Love from a distance:

It’s the surging heartbeat that doesn’t pass, and it’s not the far-seeing eyes and warm greetings that separate them.

But through our home safety camera (Winees Indoor Security Camera), the distance between you and your lover is within inches. No matter where you are, home is always with you, of course, all about love.

Valentines Day Family home décor?

With soft designed lines and variable light, it brings you the enjoyment of beauty and creates an elegant and beautiful atmosphere. Let our smart table lamp (Linkind Smart RGB Table Lamp) always creates a suitable lighting atmosphere for you.

About Linkind:

Linkind is a leading global solar lighting brand with advanced solutions for smart home lighting scenarios. The brand’s products are designed based on energy-saving principles, contributing to sustainability and providing you with lower costs. Offering a broad product portfolio, several of the brand’s products are at the category top sellers on the Amazon.

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About Work with AiDot?

As an evolving integrated smart home eco-system, Work with AiDot is interconnected with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Homekit, Conrad connects, Smartthings, etc. AiDot APP is fully compatible with Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, Apple Home Pod and other voice assistants, also work with 20 partners’ mainstream smart home devices. More details, visit:

Products connected to the Work with AiDot ecosystem can control collaboratively with multi-brands for ambient scenes. More brands will connect with this ecosystem in the future, which will enable more smart home devices to work with AiDot to bring customers a convenient smart life and meet the needs of smart home scenes.

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Work with AiDot Facebook?

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