GIGABYTE Announces World’s First Factory-Tuned Desktop Gaming PCs

TAIPEI, May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — GIGABYTE, the leading PC hardware manufacturer, announced their first pre-built desktop gaming PCs. The new flagship desktops pack the latest, most high-end parts from Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA to date and built with exclusively GIGABYTE components. What makes them further stand out from other conventional prebuilds on the market are their cherry-picked cores. The processor cores are binned and factory-tuned based on GIGABYTE’s years of hardware expertise to ensure that every machine achieves excellent stability and ultimate performance right out of the box, making them extremely rare and exclusive.

GIGABYTE Announces World’s First Factory-Tuned Desktop Gaming PCs
GIGABYTE Announces World’s First Factory-Tuned Desktop Gaming PCs

GIGABYTE launched two models, the full-tower AORUS MODEL X and the small-form-factor AORUS MODEL S. Both machines are powered by the most advanced GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card with the GPU that has been factory-overclocked and tuned for pushing 4K frame rates with ease when running even the most demanding modern game titles.

The AORUS desktop gaming PCs were meticulously built and tested to ensure these elite-caliber gaming machines come with the most optimal system configuration, so users can enjoy the ultimate 4K gaming performance without having to worry about any compatibility issues. GIGABYTE also demonstrated its engineering prowess in thermal and acoustics management with AORUS desktop gaming PCs, such that these systems can stay cool and whisper quiet even when operating at full speed.

The AORUS desktop gaming PCs come with a three-year product warranty and will be available in limited quantity. Gamers who are looking for their next high-end gaming PCs should grasp this rare opportunity! For more product information, please refer to:


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