GIGABYTE AERO Laptops Thrill Content Creators with Complete Package

TAIPEI, July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In today’s digital age, everyone is a content creator. The digital content created from anywhere around the world has now become our main source of entertainment and information. Laptops have also become a crucial part of a content creator’s lifestyle, providing performance on the go in the age of instant updates. At the same time, creators are looking for powerful laptops that can do it all, from editing videos at 4K resolution to broadcasting live streams for the world to see.

GIGABYTE AERO Laptops Thrill Content Creators with Complete Package
GIGABYTE AERO Laptops Thrill Content Creators with Complete Package

The GIGABYTE AERO series laptops are the best tools for creators to handle modern content creation. Similar to its predecessors, the new-gen AERO comes with ultimate performance by sporting Intel’s latest 11th-gen processor and NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 30 series graphics. These potent cores deliver blazing processing prowess, making multi-tasking an absolute breeze. Whether it is professional video editing or streaming gaming content, the AERO series laptops meet the diverse needs of all creators.

In the display department, the AERO undoubtedly reigns supreme. The stunning 4K UHD and color performance of the 15-inch OLED and 17-inch IPS LCD panels are exceptional in their respective classes. The X-rite™ Pantone certified, factory-calibrated panels of the AERO series laptops give creators access to the most beautiful accurate colors. The sterling screens were highly praised by NotebookCheck, one of the world’s largest laptop review media, and rated the AERO as the best notebooks with the best displays. (

Creators can also benefit from a handful of connectivity options that the AERO provides. Among them, the Thunderbolt 4 interface allows transmission and display with just one cable, providing the maximum output of 4K resolution.

Since its introduction, the AERO has won numerous awards worldwide, including the Red Dot Design Award, Taiwan Excellence Award, and many other recognitions, reaffirming its industry-leading position. To discover more about GIGABYTE AERO series creator laptops, please refer to:


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