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Ok it’s been a while since we wrote something down, that trip to different countries really pushed us back one step. Anyway Techtography is back and with new direction and vigor, thanks to that trip. Anyway, let’s start off with our regular information-sharing with things that we find around the net. Yes, the internet is indeed a magical place where we can definitely find good tutorials. Now just a small caveat, the video that we are going to share with you is not owned by techtography nor are we affiliated with them, however, we do believe that the work that the guys at COOPH are great that we would like to share it with our readers, viewers and followers of this blog. Now sometimes in a photographers life ideas gets saturated that you would want to just stop and try to find more ideas or at least be inspired to create more ideas. However, there are times that we cannot implement our ideas because of lack of resources, we’ve already invested in great camera and lenses so adding more photography tools in your arsenal could sometimes be a bit too expensive. This video shows that you can use everyday items that you can purchase for a cheap price and still get that professional effect without breaking the bank.

The 7 Creative Photography Hacks Video:

From the video we specially love the following:

1. Arty Filter Hacks – the reason we love this idea is because well, it is cheap to do, just get a transparent plastic and color it with colored pens and you’re done, punch a hole in the plastic and your done. The best part about this is you could actually play with different color combinations which could add drama to your photos.

2. Vaseline Vignette – another of the hacks that loved is the use of vaseline in order to add drama to your vignetted photos. Who would have thought that putting a film of vaseline on your lens filter could add drama to your photos. Just make sure that you put the vaseline on the outside part of your filter and away from getting in contact with your lens, that would be a major mistake.

3. String Tripod – again we love the idea because it is easy and cheap to do but really effective for someone who could control his body that is, the strings would definitely hold your stance in place just make sure you do not have very shaky hands, otherwise a tripod would still be your best bet.

Well there you have it the creative photography hacks that you can do and the three of the seven that we loved we hope we at least helped get your CREATIVE juices flowing. Till next time! Stay tuned for more tech and photography tips!


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