Fix Your Itinerary With These Google Travel Tools!

Fixing your travel itinerary these days are made much easier with the help of the internet. Too many apps were developed in order to make your travel life easier. From the preparation of your travel to the actual travel itself some would say there is an app for that! The abundance of these travel apps makes travel agencies obsolete and D.I.Y. travel to be the hottest thing right now for travelers. From backpackers to the business traveler the D.I.Y. travel makes it much easier and cheaper rather than having someone doing it for you for a fee. But did you know that you do not need much of the apps and what you really need could already found by simply Googling it? Yes, for some reason Google found a way to make preparation of your travel itinerary easier and more convenient. Here are some of the Google Services that will help you in preparing you itinerary for your next travel.

1. Google Maps ( – first things first you would like to know your destination and plot the places you want to visit. With Google maps you will have the power to seamlessly locate the places on Google Maps and if available you are even able look at the street view version of the said location, if not at least you will be able to see some photos uploaded by users related to the place and it will definitely give you an idea on what it looks like, creating that sense of familiarity which in turn gives you that sense of confidence. Of course do not forget installing the Google Maps app in your phone as it can turn into a GPS for navigation.

Google Maps Interface

2. Google Flights ( – If you are flying overseas or locally which requires you to ride a plane, looking for the flight that will suit your needs is made easy with Google Flights. When you visit the site you will be able to search for flights according to your planned itinerary and budget. Google Flights is connected will most if not all available flights worldwide which makes you able to look for flights on a single platform. The best thing about this is that you can filter the results based on your preferred price range, number of stops, preferred airline company and other filters, making it easier to look for the flight that you want.

Google Flights Interface

3. Google Hotel Finder ( – you have found your flight now find your accommodation. With Google Hotel Finder you will be able to easily look for the hotel that you want based on your budget and even on your preferred location, after choosing your preferred hotel you can already make the booking through the same platform. The best thing about this is that you will be able to filter your results based on the user reviews so you will be able to see which hotels are highly recommended and might be offering better service than their competition.

Google Hotel Finder Interface

4. Google Search ( – of course we should not forget Google’s main product, Google Search. If you want to learn more about the place that you are traveling to or maybe you want to find out how much is a taxi ride from the airport to the hotel, if it is a popular destination, chances are somebody might have blogged or written about it. Moreover, you can search for tips from other travellers who already visited your point of destination and gather tips like how to deal with the locals among other things.

Google Search Interface

With planning of travels becoming easier through the aide of these web applications it is no wonder many people are enthusiastic and have the courage to travel overseas. If you haven’t been using these tools to plan your travel maybe it is high time for you to Google it!

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