GeneASIC Technologies to Exhibit New Genome Data Analysis System at CES 2022

The GeneASIC Next-Generation Sequencing Analysis Acceleration Platform will make its debut to accelerate genome sequencing in early intervention.

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GeneASIC Technologies will be walking into this year’s CES 2022 arm in arm with its first product, the GeneASIC Next-Generation Sequencing Analysis Acceleration Platform (NGSAAP). The annual event deemed the most influential tech event and is a showcase of the latest innovation in design and engineering in the consumer technology segment.

The GeneASIC NGSAAP completes 30X whole genome sequencing (WGS) data secondary analysis from FASTQ to VCF in 30 minutes
The GeneASIC NGSAAP completes 30X whole genome sequencing (WGS) data secondary analysis from FASTQ to VCF in 30 minutes

GeneASIC NGSAAP is an ultra-fast on-premise NGS data analysis solution that enables direct and instant access to both rare and routine genotypes. The efficient system reduces the time taken for data transmission between end-users and cloud servers. Furthermore, as an on-premise turnkey solution, the system ensures data privacy and security. GeneASIC NGSAAP accomplishes this by leveraging the company’s research and development capacity, combined with an innovative pioneering strategy.

The technology at the product’s core has progressed past conventional slow edge and cloud computing. 30X whole genome sequencing (WGS) data secondary analysis from FASTQ to VCF can be completed within 30 minutes. With approximately six billion nucleotides in the human diploid genome, even a seemingly negligible error rate of 0.01% could mean 600,000 errors throughout the sequence. A high coverage ensures the data is reliable and thus clinical-grade. While preserving accuracy, GeneASIC Technologies has managed to miniaturize the tedious sequencing analysis pipeline to a compact size. GeneASIC NGSAAP consumes less energy, thereby granting hospitals, general health check centers, and research institutes the power of genomics anytime, anywhere.

All this is to accelerate the fulfilment of precision medicine, a burgeoning field that many countries have invested in and conducted genome projects. Such examples include "Genomics Health Futures Mission" in Australia, "The 100,000 Genomes Project" in the UK, "100,000 Genomes Project” in China, "1+ Million Genomes Initiatives" in the EU, and "All of Us" in the US. Most recently, the UK’s NHS and Genomics England planned to offer parents the possibility of having WGS for their newborn babies through the Newborn Genomes Programme which aims to sequence between 100,000 and 200,000 babies.

"This is an opportunity for GeneASIC Technologies to get a foothold in the UK market through NGSAAP and contribute to these efforts. Presently, the price of GeneASIC NGSAAP costs half the amount of other genome data analysis high-performance computing products," said Alex Lee, Director of Research and Development of GeneASIC Technologies.

The GeneASIC Next-Generation Sequencing Analysis Acceleration Platform will be showcased for the first time at the Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) Pavilion at Eureka Park, Venetian Expo 1F (Former Sands expo), booth no: 61423.

About GeneASIC Technologies

GeneASIC Technologies focuses on hardware-accelerated on-premise solutions for genomic data analysis. The company aims to provide revolutionary edge computing products to promote the sequencing of rare to routine genomes by leveraging its solid research and development capacity. It anticipates useful sequencing information can be obtained by anyone, anywhere, and anytime in the upcoming future. 

GeneASIC Technologies is now developing a USB-sized analysis acceleration product for third-generation sequencing (also known as long-read sequencing). It is opening new funding round and welcomes all interested partners to join.

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