Gaabor, the dark horse in big promotion, featured on semi-monthly Shopee magazine

MANILA, Philippines, Nov. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As the annual Double-eleven Super Shopping Festival has come to an end, the sales of big promotions on the Shopee platform have been released one after another, about which the good news is coming one after another. Among them, the home appliance brand Gaabor ranked the fifth place in the small kitchen appliances category in Southeast Asia and the second place in the kitchen & dining category, so it was featured on the semi-monthly Shopee Magazine for the first half of November.

Gaabor, the dark horse in big promotion, featured on semi-monthly Shopee magazine
Gaabor, the dark horse in big promotion, featured on semi-monthly Shopee magazine

In recent years, the consumers in Southeast Asia are becoming more and more attracted by and enthusiastic about brand products. During the Double-eleven promotion on Shopee, the home appliance brand Gaabor, which has only been in the Southeast Asian market for more than a month, has made outstanding achievements and gained a place in the home appliance market in Southeast Asia by virtue of its powerful brand competitiveness.

Touch-and-go online sale

Since the Gaabor brand launched the online e-commerce platforms in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia simultaneously in September this year, it had successfully built a sound e-commerce sales network in various markets. With the help of social media, news and PR, live streaming and other channels, the visitors were attracted from outside the site to the official Shopee Mall store in various forms; supplemented by the efforts of a professional data team, the excellent results were finally achieved in this double-eleven promotion.

Expanding the market with quality

High-quality products are the best advertisement of the brand. Gaabor has always been focusing on the R&D and production of high-quality home appliances, constantly optimizing the product structure, and actively launching smart kitchen cooking series, smart personal care series, smart home cleaning series and other high-quality products in the Southeast Asian market, providing consumers with an all-round smart home life experience.

Gaabor, providing an all-round smart home life experience
Gaabor, providing an all-round smart home life experience

Among them, the best-selling Gaabor air fryer series during the double-eleven promotion integrates a number of Gaabor core technologies, which can cook food in an oil-free and healthy way while retaining more moisture, ensuring a delicious and juicy taste, so the users can enjoy the delicious experience brought by Gaabor.

The Gaabor home appliance brand is committed to providing users with ingenious and quality products constantly, hoping to bring people a better home life experience, so that people can become loving, share love and pass on love. Facing the current challenging market conditions affected by the epidemic, Gaabor brand is still growing steadily in the market competitiveness relying on the advantages of its brand strength and continuous improvements.

Gaabor, share delicacy dass love.

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