Gaabor launched its top-notch home cleaning products online in the Southeast Asian market-Gaabor vacuum cleaner series

Home appliance brand Gaabor, game-changer of traditional floor cleaning

MANILA, Philippines, Nov. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Gaabor, a leading smart home appliance brand, launched its top-notch home cleaning products online in the Southeast Asian market-Gaabor vacuum cleaner series, which made a big stride in creating a smarter home life for Southeast Asian people. At present, the Gaabor vacuum cleaner series is for sale on the two major e-commerce platforms of Shopee and Lazada.

Gaabor smart vacuum cleaner debut online in Southeast Asia
Gaabor smart vacuum cleaner debut online in Southeast Asia

In the post-epidemic era, people are attaching more importance to healthy lifestyle, so they pose higher demand for home cleaning experience. Gaabor promptly markets its vacuum cleaners, all-in-one vacuuming and mopping cleaners, mite removal devices, hair dryers, air purifiers and other smart cleaning appliances in Southeast Asia. Gaabor is committed to providing people with all-round home health management solutions by virtue of its diversified smart cleaning product lines, availing customers effective protective barriers for home life and health.

Cutting-edge core technology

The Gaabor smart vacuum cleaner series features light weight and high efficiency, in which the 33,000 rpm high-speed motor is equipped to generate up to 16000pa-19000pa vacuum pressure, so as to realize more fast and powerful cleaning. Designed with unparalleled power, the Gaabor vacuum cleaners can remove dust and debris in inaccessible nooks more efficiently and thoroughly than any other cleaner on the market. Blessed with a number of key technological breakthroughs, Gaabor vacuum cleaner can bring about a comprehensive and optimal operating experience for thorough house cleaning.

Gaabor smart vacuum cleaner
Gaabor smart vacuum cleaner

Credible brand and services

The product line of Gaabor smart vacuum cleaners covers multiple different models and powerful all-in-one vacuuming and mopping cleaners, which can meet the various needs of users for household cleaning. Moreover, as a high-quality and caring home appliance brand, in response to the rapid growth of sales on the Southeast Asian e-commerce platform, Gaabor promises to provide the buyers of smart vacuum cleaners with the after-sales services of replacing instead of repairing products with quality defects arising within one year of purchase, assuring our consumers to buy and use products with confidence and ease.

"The Gaabor brand is seeing a boom period in the Southeast Asian market, keen to bring high-quality and competitive products to more families continuously," said Branden, the head of Gaabor Asia Pacific. "With the Gaabor smart vacuum cleaner series marketed, the Gaabor brand is introducing the new smart home cleaning approach to the Southeast Asian people, bringing a remarkable floor cleaning experience and allowing them to enjoy smart home appliances at an affordable price."

Gaabor, share delicacy dass love.

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