Gaabor Held It’s First Quarter Market Meeting in the Asia-Pacific region

Gaabor creates effective health protection for people’s home life in Southeast Asia

MANILA, Philippines, Dec. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Gaabor, a leading home appliance brand, recently held the first quarter market meeting in the Asia-Pacific region after its launch in the Southeast Asian market for nearly three months. At this meeting, Gaabor CEO, James Black said, "In the post-pandemic era, people are becoming more accustomed to family-centered activities, and home health has become particularly critical. During this period, Gaabor has provided Southeast Asian users with a full range of home health management solutions via a rich product line, creating effective health protection for their home life."

Relying on German core technology, Gaabor appliance brand pays attention to people’s respiratory health in their home life, empowering users to enjoy a smoke-free and dust-free operating experience in cooking and cleaning. Gaabor is committed to becoming a professional and reliable "home health expert" for people.

Gaabor, comprehensively improving home life experience
Gaabor, comprehensively improving home life experience

All-round·Family health expert

The Gaabor brand is derived from German technical advantages. Gaabor’s core technology, Gaabor Cyclone Air cold and hot circulation guide system, is a unique thermodynamic temperature control technology, which can be used to realize fast cooling, heating, and pre-cooling. The fully enclosed air circulation guide system plays a supportive role in advantages of various products. Gaabor kitchen appliances series can ensure the food tastes while minimizing the fumes generated in the kitchen; its personal care appliances series are designed to care user’s body and keep them refreshed; the household appliances series are quite supportive of intelligent cleaning and healthy breathing.

Focusing on innovative products and solutions for healthy home life, in September 2021, Gaabor entered the Southeast Asian market and launched the Gaabor smoke-free air fryer, Gaabor vacuum cleaner, Gaabor hair dryer, Gaabor air purifier and other series of smart home appliances, with the hope to improve the traditional home lifestyle in Southeast Asia and promote a new home life experience of healthy breathing and green life based on its diverse product lines.

Gaabor, home life health management expert
Gaabor, home life health management expert

Multiple options·Home life experience

In response to the needs of different consumers, Gaabor brand provides consumers with multiple options in terms of product capacity, function selection and operation methods. Taking the Gaabor oil-free and fume-free air fryer as an example, this product is designed with multiple capacity options and more than a dozen functional menus, including basic French fries and whole chicken cooking. They can totally satisfy the needs of users for healthy eating and help users share delicious experiences with family and friends at ease.

Gaabor was originated from kitchen appliances, taking off by creating a healthy kitchen environment for young families and actively practicing the concept of smoke-free and oil-free cooking. At present, by virtue of multiple series of high-quality products, the Gaabor brand is committed to eliminating people’s concerns about health hazards, such as fumes and dust, and providing effective and intelligent solutions for people’s home life.

Gaabor, love in freshness.

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