Gaabor calls on people to pay attention to cooking fume hazards in home kitchens

MANILA, Philippines, Dec. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Recently,  as home health has been extensively discussed, the home appliance brand Gaabor made an initiative to the society, calling on people to pay attention to the hazards of cooking fume in home kitchens.

In the post-pandemic era, people are becoming more and more resorting to home kitchens in pursuit of "eating healthily". However, the large amount of fume produced in the traditional cooking process is not friendly to the human body. According to the a study published in the famous British medical journal "The Lancet", people exposed to household air pollution may be susceptible to diseases such as pulmonary hypertension and right heart failure.[1]

"Kitchen fume syndrome"

The traditional cooking is mainly composed of frying and stir-frying. The cooking oil heated can generate fume containing a large number of fine particles and more than 300 volatile organic gaseous pollutants, which can lead to great oil fume pollution. Studies have shown that when people stay in such a kitchen environment for a long time, the chances of suffering from asthma, pharyngitis, rhinitis, emphysema and other diseases are greatly increased; in severe cases, the lung cancer may be caused. [1] These diseases caused by cooking are called "kitchen fume syndrome".

Gaabor, creating a smoke-free kitchen and helping breath freely.
Gaabor, creating a smoke-free kitchen and helping breath freely.

Caabor is fully aware of the hazards of oil fume caused by traditional kitchen cooking methods. Since its launch online in the Southeast Asian market this year, Gaabor has been proactively practicing the brand concept of "smoke-free and dust-free, share delicacy dass love", and offering a series of high-quality products and the home life experience of "breathing healthily and enjoying life" to the people in the Southeast Asia.

Gaabor fume-free air fryer

As a leading smart home appliance brand, Gaabor focuses on the R&D and production of high-quality home appliances under the leadership of a German technical team of engineers. Starting from kitchen appliances, Gaabor has been attaching great importance to the intelligent, efficient and user-friendly cooking process, actively creating a cooking environment without fume.

The ace product Gaabor fume-free air fryer is designed with a fully enclosed Gaabor Cyclone Air cold and hot air circulation guide system. It can cook food with the heat conduction pipes with a maximum temperature of 200? and 3-dimensional 360° hot air circulation. Compared with conventional open fryers, the Gaabor fume-free air fryer is developed for cooking methods with less or no oil, which can reduce the fume generated from the source. The enclosed fryer body can effectively isolate the cook from the fume, thus creating a smoke-free green kitchen for users.

Gaabor, cooking experience without fume.
Gaabor, cooking experience without fume.

Gaabor, relying on German innovative technology, actively creates a fume-free cooking experience for users, helping them breathe healthily and enjoy life.

Gaabor, love in freshness.

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