Fosun RZ Capital Continues To Dig Opportunities With Global Start-ups

BEIJING, Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Fosun RZ Capital is an international equity investment institution focusing on technology, the Internet, and New Consumption. Founded in 2013 in China, Fosun RZ Capital has managed billions of assets, striving to detect innovative techniques and potential markets. Fosun RZ Capital has offices in 7 regions worldwide, covering cutting-edge technological innovation in the United States and Israel and high-growth emerging markets in China, India, and Southeast Asia, creating an influential global industry-wide innovation ecosystem.

Fosun RZ Capital Continues To Dig Opportunities With Global Start-ups Under Covid-19
Fosun RZ Capital Continues To Dig Opportunities With Global Start-ups Under Covid-19

Since the expansion of the Covid-19, the public lives and working patterns have been profoundly reshaped, with short video platforms, e-commerce, and AI techniques beginning to emerge. These alterations facilitate the digitization process, making technology, the Internet, and new consumption the new hotspots.

Until now, social distancing and masks become necessary before the public get normal life. Thus, people begin to look for auto-driving cars with limited social contacts. Robosense, invested by Fosun RZ Capital, provides Smart LiDAR Sensor Systems incorporating LiDAR sensors, AI algorithms, and IC chipsets, giving cars and robots a LiDAR system with excellent information understanding. In addition to the public’s concern for health when driving, such concern also prevails in shared communities. Increased smart locks’ requests represented people’s desire to create social distance, especially between people who share community spaces. Yunding, invested by Fosun RZ Capital, primarily provides smart home security to minimize social interactions. Till now, the lock brand has reached the total sales of 1 million in January, ensuring over 7.5 million users’ home safety.

In addition, Internet showed its glamor, pushing the traditional industries to foster digitization, making Industrial Internet the breakthrough point. According to KPMG research, with 80 percent of revenue growth hinging on digital offerings and operations by 2022, IT leaders should continue transforming their operating models (Boulton, 2020). Casstime, an online procurement platform for auto spare parts, quickly dominated the market due to the offline service request platform’s incapability and low labor efficiency. Casstime then becomes the leading character in the auto aftermarket by obtaining various businesses: various auto spare parts, a SaaS management system for workshops, supply chain finance, and logistics service. In addition, online car auction platforms, such as Bochewang, also became the hotspot for investment with the new digitization wave. The enterprise, providing services including leasing non-operating vehicles, personal financial leasing, and B2B trading, now has over 600 employees and over 10k professional buyer members.

Ultimately, the coronavirus pandemic dramatically reshaped people’s consumption patterns due to their change of living habits under this special occasion. "For many of you, working out has incredible immune benefits," wrote CEO Kari Saitowitz (Olick, 2020). In a message to a group of fitness training. This increased concern for health becomes a new trend, allowing online fitness programs to expand its services. Fosun RZ Capital’s investment project Supermonkey, an online workout platform, had over 170k viewers when it went live for the first time. The platform also reached 280k viewers once and over 50 million viewers chose to replay its sessions, which signaled a publicly shared passion for home fitness. In addition, according to the data provided by the Chinese Industrial Information Website, in 2020, the number of marriage registrations in China will peak within the next five years, and marriage expenses will reach as much as 3 trillion. This new wave of getting married, combined with the increased time people spend at home with their partners gave Hunliji, a wedding planning supply chain platform, to expand its reputation and sales. Lastly, the burgeoning of online platforms for cross-border retailor shops signals a new consumption pattern due to the limited access consumers obtain for global retail. Intramirror, invested by Fosun RZ Capital, focuses on constructing an ecological network linking the global source of both high end and low-end goods. With annual revenue of 800 million yuan in 2019 and monthly GMV over 100 million CNY, Intramirror aims to become the leading cross-border fashion and luxury goods platform.

With the global market entering the post-pandemic period, Fosun RZ capital will continue to dig into technology, the Internet, and new consumption fields, while incorporating Fosun’s enterprise spirits stressing on Health, Happiness, Wealth, and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance).


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