Focalcrest Inc to Launch New Relay Switch at IFA 2020

BERLIN, Aug. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Focalcrest Inc, the leading smart home solutions company, has announced the planned launch of a new smart relay switch in the upcoming IFA 2020 in Berlin on September 3rd. At the premiere which is to happen at Booth No.: 109 Level 1 of the CityCube Berlin, Focalcrest plans to showcase its innovative relay switch and the potential it has for safety and performance improvement in smart homes.

Mixtile Relay Switch
Mixtile Relay Switch

The Mixtile Relay Switch does not require a neutral wire or a minimum load to work. Additionally, it eliminates many of the safety issues that installers are facing, such as light flickering and electrical leakage. The relay part adds connectivity to lights while the switch is an optional inclusion that bridges the relay and light switches for expanded functionality.

The Mixtile Wireless Relay Switch with a patent-pending design pursues improved safety and user satisfaction. An included overload protection can keep smart bulbs from overheating, blowing, or starting fires—further, the new design targets to solve poor connectivity, and energy wastage.

Focalcrest has achieved a relay switch design that is exceptionally compact to allow the installation of 2 or more Mixtile switches in any electrical boxes. The switch can support three-way and four-way switches, making it possible for consumers to remotely control smart bulbs while being able to use traditional light switches.

To fulfill its brand vision for a better smart home experience, the company made the Mixtile Relay Switch with minimum installation requirements. The design expands the scope of usage for the relay switch to include low wattage bulbs and LED lights, fluorescent bulbs, and rocker and rebound switch types.

Global user adoption for smart lighting has been on a sharp rise driven by the need for energy efficiency and convenience. Data by Allied Market Research shows that the smart lighting industry will reach $38.68 billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 20.5%.

"The Mixtile Relay Switch will change the paradigm of the smart home experience," says Martin, CEO at Focalcrest Inc. "With a new emphasis on safety and diverse performance, we will materialize the experiences integral for a smooth and modernized lifestyle."

About Focalcrest Inc.

Focalcrest Inc is a smart home company that provides forward-thinking solutions to simplify the user experience with home appliances, aiming to save consumers from high costs and frustrations with innovative systems designed for agile implementation and superior performance.


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