Flashforge Guider 3 Series 3D printers are available to order from Oct. 20, 2022

HANGZHOU, China, Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Flashforge Guider 3 Series products, including Guider 3 3D printer and Guider 3 Plus 3D printer, are available to order from Oct. 20, 2022. Customers with purchase intention please go to your local distributors or go to Flashforge official website to place orders. Guider 3 and Guider 3 Plus meet different utility demands. Guider 3 is a cost-effective professional 3D printer for small batch production, well catering for 3D print users from small businesses, personal workshops, and education institutions. Guider 3 Plus is a professional 3D printer suitable for rapid prototyping of medium- and large-size figures. Also a good option for making models of art and architecture.

Flashforge Guider 3 Series 3D printers
Flashforge Guider 3 Series 3D printers

Guider 3 Series improved in productivity and model quality

Guider 3 Series 3D printer products, as Flashforge’s blockbuster project 2022 being threw high weight, advance a lot in productivity and in printout quality. Guider 3 series printer adopts brand new CoreXY structure which supports 250mm/s-high-speed and low-noise printing. That means one 3D printer unit of Guider 3 series could shorten printing time by 40%-60%. The increased productivity of Guider 3 Series is never at the expense of decreasing print quality. Even at high-speed print mode, Guider 3 series products still ensure printed models with finer and preciser details.

The same motion structure as they have, the two printer types of Guider 3 series have their unique features. Guider 3 Plus with a super large print size of 350*350*600mm is capable of printing medium and large figures, art building miniatures, and other large models. It features fast printing and rapid prototyping, while Guider 3 with a lightweight and compact body design is more suitable for small batch production. It can be used more flexibly.

Guider 3 Series meet diverse application needs

With the rising demands of small batch manufacturing and personal customized modelling, rapid prototyping and fast delivery become a competitive advantage of Guider 3 series. The improved printing efficiency of Guider 3 series can meet various needs from small enterprises, personal studios, schools, etc. By using Guider 3 series 3D printer facilities, makers can expand their production capacity even under confined production space and limited budget!

Guider 3 series 3D printers also configure with a powerful management system, which make it possible to manage multiple 3D printer units in one computer. Makers can also online monitor each unit’s printing process. Those features contribute to faster respond to market demands.

More features

Guider 3 3D printers are equipped with two types of build plate: a glass plate and a  flexible steel plate. Makers can make different choices when printing with different filaments. Glass plate, with super smooth and flat plate surface, ensures the first layer of printed models much smoother; just using a shovel to easily to take off models. Flexible steel plate is a magnetic one that can be easily adsorbed and removed from the bottom build platform. It can be bent slightly to take off big models.

Guider 3 Plus comes with two well-sealed compartments, functioning as two filament drying boxes. Filaments using on Guider 3 Plus are kept in sealed and dry environment, preventing from getting moist whether during printing or not.

About Flashforge

Guider 3 series 3D printers are developed by Flashforge FDM R&D team. Flashforge enterprise is world-known in the 3D printing industry. It has been ploughing deep in the development of professional-use 3D printers. Except for the Guider 3 series products introduced above, Flashforge also takes pride in Creator 4 series products, another cluster of Flashforge professional-use 3D printers that are excellent in printing engineering materials and carbon-fiber/glass-fiber composite materials. Besides 3D printer units, FlashForge also offers high-quality 3D printing materials, free slicing software matched with 3D printers, and a full range of after-sales services. Flashforge enterprise is aiming at making contributions to digitalized manufacturing, providing 3D printing solutions to small- and medium-sized enterprises and leading to a new future of 3D printing intelligence.

For more information of Flashforge Guider 3 series products, please contact:

Website: https://www.flashforge.com/



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