First Update for Token System in ‘DARK EDEN M on WEMIX’

First update in ‘DARK EDEN M on WEMIX’ for in-game token system

Inexperienced gamers can obtain in-game token DEBCO and changes and new various contents including lower level requirement to obtain and refine in-game token DEBCO for inexperienced gamers

Wemade Connect states, "We will continue various policies and activities for in-game services and token value"

SEOUL, South Korea, May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wemade Connect (CEO Ho-dae Lee) servicing the P&E (Play & Earn) mobile game ‘DARK EDEN M on WEMIX’, where users can play games and make economic profits, has released the first update to support acquisition and use of tokens in the game.

Dark Eden M on WIMIX Proceeds First Update
Dark Eden M on WIMIX Proceeds First Update

The purpose of the in-game token policy implemented by Wemade Connect is to achieve more entertaining gameplay and for users to easily obtain and use in-game token DEBCO, which can be exchanged into virtual asset ‘WEMIX’. This update reflects feedback from users who have tested the new system for 2 weeks, and users will be able to see much more benefits as they play the game.

This update for ‘DARK EDEN M on WEMIX’ lowered the PVP level to obtain medals, which are materials to create DEBCO that can be exchanged into virtual asset WEMIX, increased the maximum amount of obtainable medals, and began supporting medal trading. The PVP level where users can obtain medals was lowered from 40 to 30, and users can now obtain up to 100,000 medals per week instead of previous maximum amount of 70,000 medals.

Various policies such as lowering level requirement to obtain medals at Temeria Sanctuary from 50 to 40, and guild level requirement for a crusade, a guild war content, from 5 to 2, were implemented. Also, at the in-game item exchange using rubies, which are purchased in-game, players can now trade medals with each other, and players can obtain and use medals more easily through various routes.

Wemade Connect Service Operation Team stated, "Even level 40, a level where users can use all contents obtained through medals, can be achieved in just three days without making any in-game purchases, and users can enjoy various contents and obtain medals and tokens early in the game. We will continue our policies for in-game services and token value."

Wemade Connect has implemented its first policy for entertaining gameplay and vitalization of profits made through tokens for users, and is planning to continue implementing various support campaigns by conducting a large-scale event to award users 400,000 DEBCO tokens until the end of the month, etc. ‘DARK EDEN M on WEMIX’ can be downloaded for free on the global blockchain platform WEMIX through Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


‘DARK EDEN M on WEMIX’ is a blockchain-based MMORPG released globally on May 4, 2022. It comes with the in-game token DEBCO, and users can enjoy various contents of a P&E game by exchanging tokens with materials within the game. The game features a well-written scenario with the story taking place during the conflict and war between Vampires and Slayers and flashy battle effects, and it is currently being serviced by Wemade Connect, a developer with over 90 million downloads worldwide.


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