FIPS-140-2 CMVP certification on super-density 8TB military-grade SSD

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Novachips Co., Ltd., an innovator in flash storage solution, today announced that it had acquired Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Level 2 (Cert# 3785) certification on its mainstream Scalar (SATA-based) and Express (NVMe-based) Solid-State Drive (SSD).

Figure 1 FIPS-140-2 Certified Military-Grade 8TB SSD
Figure 1 FIPS-140-2 Certified Military-Grade 8TB SSD

FIPS 140-2 is a standard developed by the National Institute of Standards (NIST) and is widely used to approve cryptography related algorithms and cryptographic modules. To sell into governmental and federal agencies, meeting these standards is mandatory, and an increasing number of healthcare and financial companies have turned to FIPS compliance as a standardized way to meet their security needs. By completing the FIPS 140-2 validation, Novachips is now perfectly positioned to provide its super-density flash storage products to governmental, military, and other mission-critical applications where the customers want to keep massive data secure.

For this certification, Novachips had developed all required cryptographic algorithms and security functions based on in-house ASIC controller NVS3800 hardware and firmware without adopting any 3rd party security components. This single controller design architecture allows achieving lower power consumption and immediate Zeroize service without any delay factor to destroy the key and key materials via specified host commands or external hardware signal input.

Moreover, unlike most other secure solid-state drive products, Novachips Host Key encryption does not depend on a TPM module, TCG, or OPAL to implement security. Instead, Novachips SSD module implements security using hardware-based AES-256 XTS encryption and key management techniques that are using standard ATA or NVM commands. These techniques provide superior and flexible solutions for mission-critical defense projects, as well as for commercial enterprise environments, and have no requirements for any 3rd party software.

"We are proud to announce our FIPS 140-2 validation from NIST. These are key milestones for Novachips," said Daniel Kim Novachips CEO. "This validation demonstrates our commitment to offering best-in-class flash storage products not only from data capacity but also from the data security perspective."

"In today’s challenging cybersecurity environment, the FIPS certification ensures the customers to meet the toughest standards for data security and encryption," said SJ Yoo, Global Sales Director at Novachips. "We are pleased to offer certified data-at-rest encryption technology on super-density 8TB military-grade SATA SSD and high-performance NVMe M.2 SSD products."

Pricing and Availability

Certified part number products of Scalar-Series and Express-Series are currently available to ship out to the customers. Please contact [email protected]

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Novachips is a leading provider of a broad range of Flash storage processors and storage drives with breakthrough capacity and scalability. Novachips reimagined Flash storage from the inside out and offer the SSD (Solid State Drive) industry’s most advanced capabilities with high storage capacity for enterprise, industrial, military, and other mission-critical applications. Novachips products are built upon the company’s unique hardware and firmware architecture, which significantly outpaces the scalability, performance, and reliability of SSDs that use NAND Flash. Founded in 2009, Novachips has offices in Bundang, S. Korea

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