Fanttik Launches New X8 Tire Inflator After Sellout-Sensation of X8 Apex

HOUSTON, April 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Fanttik, a young and fast-growing brand that creates tech-driven solutions for real-world problems, has launched its next tire inflator. Fanttik already made a big impact with their high-end X8 Apex Tire Inflator. Demand was so strong that it was sold out more than once. The new X8 Tire Inflator core model is sure to get plenty of attention from tech experts and consumers alike. Should everyone be ‘Pumped for the Journey’ with X8?

Fanttik X8 Tire Inflator
Fanttik X8 Tire Inflator

X8 provides powerful inflation and many of the same features as the premium X8 Apex but at the entry-level pricepoint of only $79(RRP). This cordless, compact, lightweight tire inflator is designed to inflate anything, anywhere. It’s ideal as a backup for drivers and bike riders in case of any major tire issues and handy to keep tires topped up too.

There are connectors and adjustable presets for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and balls (and a manual mode). When fully charged, it can continuously inflate 7 motorcycle tires(110/70 R17) from 0-35psi; 2.5mins to fully inflate a motorcycle tire or inflate a 700 x 25c road bike tire from 0 to 120psi in 120 seconds. Balls and inflatables can be done in seconds. An impressive 150psi maximum pressure covers everything.

One of the best things about X8 is the ease of use. Connect, select, start. Inflation stops automatically at the set pressure. The large LED screen clearly shows current and target pressures side by side with ±1psi accuracy. There’s even a LED light on top for easy connection in the dark or use as a flashlight. The 5200mAh battery inflates multiple car tires before needing a recharge.

These days, most people want USB-C for all their devices, and X8 doesn’t disappoint. There’s a USB-C port for quick and convenient recharging. Buyers can use the same USB-C charger they already carry for their phones. A quality USB-C charging cable is already included in the package to ensure optimum performance.

The new generation of powerful, portable inflators is spearheading massive growth in the automotive tire inflator market (expected to reach a value of US$ 1,465.6 million by 2026). People are rapidly replacing the bulky, utilitarian corded tire inflators with convenient and portable cordless designs like those from Fanttik.

X8 has won a prestigious 2022 Red Dot Design Award. The form is pleasingly rounded and pebble-like, so it fits nicely in the palm of hand. The design features and styling are elegant and minimalist. There’s also a real feel of quality, from the solid build to the fine finish.

Fanttik X8 is a complete package that delivers exceptional value. The fast and reliable inflation up to 150psi, easy cordless operation, and portable design make it a compelling choice.

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Fanttik is a young and dynamic brand focused on outdoor and automotive products that provide everything you need for the perfect road trip. We believe traveling is so much more than simply going from A to B, and our goal is to make every inch of every trip as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. Whether it’s day-to-day travel, outdoor adventures, or roadside emergencies, each of our products combines high-technology with down-to-earth practicality to give you what you need. At Fanttik we explore, we innovate, and we make it happen.


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