Facebook Updated Controls For Newsfeed


Facebook recently announced that they have updated controls for the your newsfeed. This is another step towards’ Facebook’s goal to improve and personalize your Newsfeed experience. Facebook believes that this can be achieved by giving you more control on what you see.


The New Newsfeed Controls

Prioritize What You Want To See – now, you have the power to prioritize which of your friends and which of the pages that you follow. Which means friends and pages that you want to be regularly updated with can now be placed on top and their posts will be prioritized to show up in your newsfeed.


Connect With New Pages –  Get to discover new pages that you might like, what Facebook will show you would be based on the type of pages that you’ve liked in the past. This way you will be able to discover new pages that will show posts in your newsfeed, and of course you only get to choose which pages’ posts would be shown in your newsfeed.


Choose Which Friend or Page To Follow Or Unfollow – the follow or unfollow feature has been there already however with the newsfeed preference you are going to easily follow or unfollow your friends and pages.


This new way to control your newsfeed is now available via iOS and in the coming weeks this will be available in Android.

New Facebook Newsfeed Control Video


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