Apple’s iOS 9 Beta Now Downloadable But With A Catch

iOS9 Beta

A beta version of of Apple’s newest operating system, the iOS 9 is ready for a test drive and to help improve its system you can send Apple you feedback. Using your Apple ID you are free to tinker around the new operating system. In their website you can follow the easy steps for download.



Apple is allowing its regular users to test out and operating system (OS) before it is commercially released. This is a first for Apple because before only developers were the first to test the OS beta versions.

The catch, however, is that it may still contain errors and may not function as well compared to the present operating system. That is why Apple os advising the general public to install the iOS 9 Beta on a different device and to back up files just in case. The expected release of the iOS 9 is sometime between September to December.

What to expect in the latest OS? Last June, Apple announced that the operating system will have productivity enhancements, better security, faster performance and a longer battery life. Users do have high expectations and if you are curious about the what the iOS 9 beta has in store for you feel free to  download and install at your own risk.


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