Facebook Got Philippine Independence Day Greeting Wrong


Today, we celebrate our Independence Day! for the Philippines at least. Every time I hear those lines it would give me goosebumps, I first heard those lines so passionately stated in the movie Independence Day (You know the Aliens Invading Earth and Humans Fighting for Freedom?). Anyway nothing is more patriotic that to reminisce how a country was born through the heroic acts of people wanting to be free from tyrants and invaders.

Today, June 12 the Philippines is Celebrating their independence day and Facebook joined in the celebration by providing the Filipinos on Facebook a Happy Independence Day greeting which they can share on their timeline. Awesome right? Sure! Except for a slight flaw. Okay, you might be asking how could Facebook get “Happy Independence Day Wrong?”

The error is not in the text message rather the error is in the image accompanying the message. You see, there are two side to the Philippine flag, the blue side and the other one the red side. These sides convey meaning, when the blue side is up, it means that the country is at peace, when the red side is up, it means that the Philippines is at war. Up until today the Philippines is at peace, unless of course the country is at war and nobody informed me about it then we humbly ask for apologies.

The Red side should be at the bottom and blue side should be on top

Is this the first time for Facebook to make a mistake? certainly not! The purpose of this article is to get Facebook’s attention and promptly change the image in their system. Up to this time June 12, 2016 at 7:17AM that did not happen.

We will update this blog post for further developments on this story.


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