ASUS Just Announced ZenBook 3 The MacBook Killer


Dubbed as the MacBook Killer by people in the tech community, the ASUS Zenbook 3 is definitely made to compete if not defeat the MacBook in terms of specs and performance. ASUS just announced today at Computex about its several new products and its latest version of their flagship ultraportable laptop, the Zenbook 3.

What is the Zenbook 3?

The ZenBook 3 is an ultraportable laptop and it is the latest iteration from its flagship product, the ZenBook. The Zenbook 3 was designed to be a lot thinner and lighter than its previous version the Zenbook UX305. To compare, the Zenbook 3 is 2 pounds in weight, 0.46 inches in thickness or thinness while the Zenbook UX305 is 2.64 pounds in weight and 0.51 inches thick. To compare it further with its rival, the MacBook weighs 2.03 pounds and 0.52 inches thick. By sheer size and if lightweight is to be the benchmark ZenBook 3 definitely is far lighter than the MacBook.


The Zenbook 3 Specs

The ZenBook 3 is also said to rival Apple’s MacBook head-on. For starters, the Zenbook 3 is powered by the Intel Core i7 processor. This powerful processor is coupled with a 1 TB PCIe storage and a powerful 16GB RAM. ASUS also developed a thin battery to go well with the Zenbook 3, although it is a thin battery it is also able to power the Zenbook 3 for nine (9) hours, not bad for a thin ultraportable device. Aside from the 12.5-inch screen the Zenbook 3 also comes with a fingerprint scanner.

Now, of course, these specs alone would show that the MacBook was already trumped by the ZenBook 3. Although of course, it remains to be seen if the ZenBook 3 is as durable as that of a MacBook. The Zenbook 3 starts at $999 for a Core i5 processor, 256 GB SSD and a RAM of 4GB as its most affordable version.


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