Expanding Its Capabilities On and Off the Road, 70mai Launches New Power Station Tera 1000

Prioritizing portability and power, the Power Station is slated for release Sept. 15

SHANGHAI, Sept. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —  70mai, a leading smart car electronics company and member of the Xiaomi Ecosystem, established itself as an industry leader in 2020 selling more than 1.2 million dash cams globally in over 100 countries. A four-time iF Product Design Award and two-time Red Dot Design Award recipient, the company now looks to expand its impact in the U.S. and Canada with the 70mai Power Station Tera 1000. Pre-launch for the power station begins Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2021 with an Indiegogo campaign launching in mid-October. 

Perfect for consumers with a robust wilderness-oriented passion, the 70mai Power Station Tera 1000 is an innovative, clean-energy solution combining power and portability. The Tera has a rated power of 1200W and a surge power of 2400W, meaning it can charge any device within that threshold including a coffee maker, mini-fridge, all mobile devices, outdoor appliances and more. With its 1000Wh capacity, 10 outlets and ergonomic handle, it’s perfect for consumers’ everyday power needs no matter if they are at home, off the grid, or just on the way.

The portable Power Station Tera 1000 is a perfect outdoor energy solution.
The portable Power Station Tera 1000 is a perfect outdoor energy solution.

As a lightweight alternative to gas-guzzling generators, 70mai’s power station is perfectly designed for RV living, camping, overlanding, photographers, film crews, buskers and street performers as well as storm preparedness. The 70mai Power Station Tera 1000 features include:

  • Up to 2-hour fast recharge. No bulky adapter for ultimate efficiency and mobility.
  • Galvanized steel internal framework that guarantees max durability and outstanding drop-proof performance.
  • EV-grade li-ion batteries with advanced BMS systems. Support solar recharging and pass-through charging.
  • Innovative heat dissipation with built-in aluminum heatsink, faster and quieter than fan cooling.

"We are elated to announce the launch of the 70mai Power Station Tera 1000 and its thoughtfully crafted portable power solution with a broader U.S.-based audience," said Ma Luo, Director of Product at 70mai. "With the addition of the power station, we not only meet consumers’ needs on the road but also after they reach their destination, providing all-around support for every journey. It is highly encouraged that interested parties subscribe to remain informed on product launch dates and upcoming deals." 

The product development team behind the Power Station Tera 1000 is fueled by battery engineers specializing in electric vehicles. With solid R&D capabilities and an unwavering commitment to innovation, the team strives to raise industry standards with a truly reliable and durable outdoor power solution, making green energy accessible to anyone, anywhere. 

The 70mai Power Station Tera 1000 will be available for pre-order with special pricing starting at super early bird for $649 (35% off), early bird for $699 (30% off) and in-campaign exclusive for $749 (25% off). To be notified when pre-order opens, please visit tera.70mai.com.

About 70mai:  

Founded in 2016, 70mai is an industry-leading smart car electronics company. Backed by Chinese tech giant Xiaomi, 70mai is a member of the Mi ecosystem and follows Xiaomi’s philosophy to always create products that exceed customer expectations. 70mai has strong capabilities in both software development and hardware manufacturing and is constantly exploring new possibilities in the smart electronics field. It aims to provide a safe, comfortable, and networked experience to drivers and travelers, on and off the road.


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