Exhibition on Multinationals and China kicks off in Qingdao

QINGDAO, China, June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Exhibition on Multinationals and China opened in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center on June 19, 2022. The theme exhibition, held in parallel with Qingdao Multinationals Summit, provided a new opportunity for multinational firms to show their new products and technologies. With a focus on the businesses participating in the Summit and creating a exhibition platform for multinationals, the event is on a mission to demonstrate Shandong province’s transformation achievements, industrial advantages and development opportunities.

Exhibition on Multinationals and China kicks off in Qingdao
Exhibition on Multinationals and China kicks off in Qingdao

The theme exhibition shared cooperation results between multinationals and Shandong province, improving the confidence of both domestic and foreign business communities to invest in the region. The event, including two major sessions, "Opening-up Shandong" and "Multinationals and China", displayed high-end equipment, core components and high-tech achievements of local leading companies, summit participants, and Global 500 enterprises, as well as the advances of a pilot innovation program for RCEP Qingdao economic and trade cooperation.

Multinationals and leading companies gathered together to highlight the province’s position as an industrial development base with huge market potential. Shandong Heavy Industry Group, Inspur, Shandong Energy Group, China Resources, Haier, Shandong Dongming Petrochemical Group, Continental AG, Desoutter Industrial Tools, Siemens, Hewlett-Packard, Mitsubishi UFJ, Korea GS, and other Global 500 enterprises attended the exhibition.

A wide range of leading products both at home and abroad were launched at the event. Shandong Heavy Industry Group made an appearance with the world’s first unmanned bulldozer and China’s first self-developed intelligent snow wax vehicle. BGI showcased one of the world’s leading high-throughput gene sequencer – a one-stop shop solution for large population genomics. Finland-based Tarw-Trading Oy, Ltd. exhibited its FS52 tourist submarine for the first time in China. The National Deep Sea Center brought Qianlong III, the most advanced unmanned cableless submersible in China, to the site. Befar Group presented its Da Sheng I intelligent inspection robot, the first integrated intelligent unmanned inspection solution.

Across space and time, the theme exhibition created a "technology + interactive" experience in an all-round manner. The outdoor exhibition area incorporated the seaside scenery, resulting in an international, inclusive and future-oriented theme exhibition.


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