Evermos Named After Two Prestigious Recognitions – Forbes Asia and Endeavor, Revealing the Key to Survive amidst the Crisis

BANDUNG, Indonesia, June 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Amidst the "bubble burst" issue of tech startup environment, Evermos, an Indonesian-based social commerce founded in November 2018 has managed to be named of some prestigious and international recognition: Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia for Iqbal Muslimin (Chief of Sustainability) and Andika Saputra (New Business Incubation) as well as Endeavor Entrepreneur for Ghufron Mustaqim (CEO) and Arip Tirta (President). Both of these recognitions were carried out through a very strict process with acceptance rate at around 7% and 3% respectively, and long stages ranging from local to international levels joined by thousands of candidates. The selection results have then been announced virtually at the end of May 2022.

The Evermos application is a one-stop solution that answers the needs of resellers, making it easier for them to open their businesses.
The Evermos application is a one-stop solution that answers the needs of resellers, making it easier for them to open their businesses.

Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia; young entrepreneurs who boldly strive for industry disruptions across Asia.

Forbes Business Magazine publishes a list of 30 Under 30 Asia every year. This time, they named 300 young entrepreneurs who are the most influential from 10 different industry categories; Evermos has successfully managed into the Retail & Ecommerce category. According to a Forbes article entitled "Meet The Forbes Under 30 Asia Class Of 2022", all of the selected figures after thorough evaluation on how they have adapted to the uncertainty amidst the pandemic. Evermos was chosen due to its innovation in business and commitment to social impact despite the pandemic.

Iqbal Muslimin, Co-Founder and Chief of Sustainability Evermos stated, "Evermos was born by the spirit of collaborative economy, supporting individuals and business entities to compete in the market. The journey has now led us to grow even bigger. This is dedicated to all of the stakeholders; internal team, resellers, brand owners, consumers, and other partners."

A real testament has been well stated by one of Evermos’s resellers from Bandung, Tri Murtiarti, "I chose Evermos to support my journey as a reseller because it is very easy to use, the products are of high quality and it provides a safe environment to have a transaction with consumers. Most importantly, the sales journey adheres to the Sharia law, thus there is no such profit exploitation. If any resellers are clueless on how to sell, Evermos will guide you by providing professional training, so you may become a professional reseller." The Product-Market Fit is one of the essential factors to build a sustainable startup. As by CBInsight research, the most prevailing reason for startup failure is that the products/services are no match with the problems in the market.

Endeavor Entrepreneur; List of High-Impactful and Potentially Scale-up Faster Global Entrepreneurs.

Evermos has also been selected to be part of Endeavor Entrepreneur, a global community with a mission to build thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems in emerging and underserved markets around the world. The high-impact entrepreneurs are selected based on the business’s growth and social commitment; it now covers more than 2,300 members across the world.

Stefy Santoso, Entrepreneur Selection and Growth Manager at Endeavor Indonesia stated, "Ghufron and Arip from Evermos will be a great addition to our network. They are dynamic and support each other. I am sure they can bring Evermos to step up a higher level in the business. As the largest reseller-based social commerce in Indonesia, Evermos focuses on empowering resellers to become micro-entrepreneurs and supporting local brands to scale up." Endeavor’s international selection panelists assessed that Evermos had reached an inflection point; it scales rapidly and grows up to 10x.

Evermos Co-Founder and President, Arip Tirta added, "As uncertainty continues to structure nearly in every aspect of our lives and work, the ability to rethink and unlearn becomes very crucial. Endeavor has an expansive network of seasoned mentors who can guide us to the right path and provide us with a supportive environment that we need to step up our company. It is a wonderful community in which we can learn from and give back to at the same time. It will give us plenty of opportunities for us to grow stronger and bigger." Agility is one among many essential factors for startups to grow big, as a famous author Alvin Toffler quotes, "the illiterates of the 21st century are not those who cannot read and write, but ones unable to learn, unlearn, and relearn."

Contact Person

Fadel Hilmy (+62813 9839 5065 / [email protected])

About Evermos

Evermos is a social commerce platform for resellers selling various products from MSMEs and local brands to consumers. Committed to supporting the Government to create an inclusive economy, digital transformation, and job creation, Evermos is paving the way for all elements of society beyond Tier 1 cities who want to earn extra income by becoming a reseller just for free through one application away.

Evermos presents a one-stop application that provides product interfaces, catalogs (sales & marketing kits), digital payment pages, and logistics. Evermos also enables resellers to foster their knowledge and skills in sales and marketing through regular and continuous training from professional trainers. Currently, Evermos has empowered more than 500,000 active resellers across Indonesia and cooperated with more than 700 brand partners which are 100% locals.

In 2021, Evermos managed to raise $30 million Series B funding. It was also nominated as the Forbes Asia 100 to Watch in the Asia-Pacific region due to its capability to deliver social change and scale up despite the pandemic. Evermos is also a member of the Global Innovator for the World Economic Forum and actively participates in the discussions of the world economy, especially in the MSME sector.

In H1 2022, Evermos has managed to collect three achievements at once: Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, winner of the International 3G Championship Award for Women Empowerment by Cambridge IFA in Dubai, and becoming part of Endeavor Entrepreneur after thorough and tight evaluation process.

To find out more about Evermos’s products and services, please visit the official website page at https://evermos.com/home/


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