EVERLIGHT Electronics Co., Ltd. received Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2021 Regional Edition’s Corporate Excellence Award

SINGAPORE, Aug. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Enterprise Asia, the organiser of the prestigious fifteenth Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) 2021 Regional Edition is pleased to recognise 59 exceptional award recipients who have exemplified excellence and perseverance in this unprecedented period. The APEA awardees have proven resiliency and accelerated tremendously to overcome the unprecedented economic conditions wrought by the global pandemic.

EVERLIGHT Electronics Co., Ltd was honoured for Corporate Excellence Award at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2021 Regional Edition
EVERLIGHT Electronics Co., Ltd was honoured for Corporate Excellence Award at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2021 Regional Edition

The APEA, an initiative by Enterprise Asia, the region’s leading NGO, is the largest regional recognition and acknowledgement programme for trailblazers in the business community. APEA prides itself as a testament to the commitment, aspiration, and true entrepreneurship. With over 800 nominations received each year, and about seven percent were commended to the most deserving for recognition. This year, an impressive number of 130 finalists from 15 countries were up for consideration in the final round of judging and only 59 were crowned as award recipients.

EVERLIGHT Electronics Co., Ltd.’s Journey to Success

EVERLIGHT Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983 in Taipei by Chairman Robert Yeh. The company has over 39 years of R&D experience with an excellent brand reputation. EVERLIGHT is the top five in the competitive LED market. The company’s products are manufactured and packed in-house to guarantee maximum quality. The company’s products cover a diverse portfolio consisting of High Power LEDs, SMD LEDs, Lamps, Lighting Components, LED Lighting Modules, Digital Displays, Opto-couplers and Infrared Components. Today, EVERLIGHT is a global company with over 5,700 employees based in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Germany and U.S.A.

EVERLIGHT is committed to professionalism and integrity and adheres to the principles of law-abiding management to ensure fair trade and fair competition. The company adheres to its business objectives in bidding for projects and executing contracts. To ensure its fair trade principle EVERLIGHT requires its employees not to make requests or accept gifts and kickbacks when carrying out their duties. Employees are encouraged to report anyone who violates this principle and the company ensures the confidentiality of whistle blowers. All reported cases are thoroughly investigated and stern action taken against anyone found guilty.

EVERLIGHT’s headquarters is in New Taipei City. The company has a professional R&D, sales and marketing team.

In 2019, the trade situation between US and China resulted in a decline in demand in the LED industry which reduced the client-end inventory level in the industry. Faced with a tough industry environment, EVERLIGHT adjusted its product portfolio, rigorously controlled the level of inventory, and actively developed new application products for the automobile, industrial control and medical devices. In the future, EVERLIGHT will not only continue to seek quantitative growth but also focus on qualitative improvement. In the high-tech industry.

EVERLIGHT is committed to ensure customer satisfaction by delivering high quality products with on-time delivery, and instant service. EVERLIGHT also provides integrating and planning systems for precision material, process equipment, and parts and components required by trading agents, sales agents, and LCD and LED industries.

EVERLIGHT’s long-term development plan focuses on the development of energy-saving LED lighting of higher efficiency and brightness. In addition to providing products and services for customers, premium and highly efficient LED lighting components and products are developed and produced to replace traditional lighting equipment in line with the global energy saving trends. With this achievement, EVERLIGHT leads Taiwan in the lighting area for the next generation. In addition, a more closely linked international supply chain and partnership relations have been established in cooperation with up and downstream manufacturers to reduce production costs and increase profitability. The global market share has been expanded to strengthen overall corporate competitiveness. Taiwan serves as the command centre for R&D, marketing and operation management to realise the goal of sustainable operations and fulfil social responsibility.

About Enterprise Asia

Enterprise Asia is a non-governmental organisation in pursuit of creating an Asia that is rich in entrepreneurship as an engine towards sustainable and progressive economic and social development within a world of economic equality. Its two pillars of existence are investment in people and responsible entrepreneurship. Enterprise Asia works with governments, NGOs and other organisations to promote competitiveness and entrepreneurial development, in uplifting the economic status of people across Asia and in ensuring a legacy of hope, innovation and courage for the future generation. For further information, visit www.enterpriseasia.org.

About Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards

Launched in 2007, the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards is the region’s most prestigious awards for outstanding entrepreneurship, continuous innovation and sustainable leadership. The Award provides a platform for companies and governments to recognise entrepreneurial excellence, hence spurring greater innovation, fair business practices and growth in entrepreneurship. As a regional award, it groups together leading entrepreneurs as a powerful voice for entrepreneurship and serves as a by-invitation only networking powerhouse. The program has grown to encompass 14 countries and markets all over Asia. For more information, visit: www.apea.asia

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