Encouraging breastfeeding, yoboo teams up with Dr. Alvin John Francisco

MANILA, Philippines, March 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, renowned content creator Dr. Alvin John Francisco released a video on the use of yoboo newborn care products, which accurately illustrates the high quality of product development and the unique medical philosophy of breastfeeding that yoboo has been upholding since its inception in 2009. As tag-init approaches, the two parties join forces to present the benefits of breastfeeding with the yoboo Portable Electric Breast Pump. With its safe materials and outstanding design, the yoboo Electric Breast Pump is a tribute to every breastfeeding mother.

Why breastfeeding? It’s better for mum and baby

yoboo actively responds to the WHO’s two-year breastfeeding advocacy, and protects the baby’s growth with Japanese ingenuity. According to the WHO, breastfeeding is the best food for infants, and it is also the most ideal natural food. It can provide all the nutritional needs of full-term infants from 0 to 6 months. Because breast milk is not only rich in nutrients and immune substances that can play an important role in the baby’s growth and development and disease immunity, it can also promote the intimate interaction between mother and baby, and enhance the relationship between mother and newborn and self-confidence in breastfeeding.

Globally, the World Health Assembly (WHA) has set a target to increase exclusive breastfeeding rates to 50% by 2025. The Philippines has made commitments and taken steps towards achieving this benchmark, but exclusive breastfeeding rates are still somewhat stagnant. The latest rates show that only 34% of children under six months of age are exclusively breastfed.

DOCTOR REACTS: Benefits of Breastfeeding for Both Baby and Mom
DOCTOR REACTS: Benefits of Breastfeeding for Both Baby and Mom

How to breastfeed: yoboo Portable Electric Breast Pump for effective relief of breast blockage

The yoboo Portable Electric Breast Pump features the innovative Japan SpiralFlow™ Technology For Relaxing and Effectual Suction, which effectively relieves mothers from breast blockage. The technique is applied to the Silicone Shield of the breast pump, starting with the upper skin of the breast and massaging the breast in a spiral pattern. Multiple points are massaged in synchronization to the breast for a few seconds before moving to the next circulation, thus increasing the amount of milk reflex, improving milk production and regulating breast health. It also has an excellent anti-backflow design, so there is no need to worry about spillage or pouring.

The 24mm food-grade silicone shield makes breastfeeding experience gentler and more comfortable. The matching bottle is made of PPSU from BASF, which is BPA-free, safe and heat resistant, and can withstand repeated steam sterilization, providing a more sterile environment for breast milk storage. yoboo’s original one-stop breastfeeding (from sucking – storing – expressing – feeding) makes breast milk less risky to contaminate, giving mothers a more comfortable breastfeeding experience and babies a safer breastfeeding experience.

In recent years, with the continuous development of social productivity and the improvement of living standards, as well as the rising population of higher education in Southeast Asia, more families in Southeast Asia have higher requirements for the quality of childcare. More people are beginning to pay attention to nursing during pregnancy and scientific parenting and feeding, emphasising professional parenting concepts and the pursuit of mothers in breastfeeding. Dr. Alvin John Francisco’s endorsement of yoboo’s philosophy and products gives us great confidence that yoboo will continue to polish itself and improve its products to make its contribution to breastfeeding for mothers.

yoboo cherishes every drop of breast milk.
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