ELEGOO Unveils Its Industry-First 8K LCD 3D Printer —- ELEGOO Saturn 2 8K

SHENZHEN, China, May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ELEGOO, a leading company specializing in the research, development, and production of 3D printers, today launched the Saturn 2 8K MSLA Printer, the first 8K printer in its product portfolio, at a competitive price of US$500. It also unveiled a new series of 8K resins, its latest Mercury XS Bundle Washing and Curing machine, and the Neptune 3 FDM printer. The latest product lineup will be available for purchase from May 28, 2022, 2:00 PM UTC at ELEGOO Official Store.

ELEGOO’s Saturn 2 8K is equipped with a gorgeous 8K 10-inch mono LCD screen, which the company has jointly developed with Innolux, a subsidiary of the industry-leading Foxconn Technology Group, a professional TFT-LCD panel manufacturer and a supplier of the Apple company. Measuring 51.5% larger than the Mars series’ 6.6-inch screen, the Saturn 2 8K’s screen delivers even more clarity and precision for 3D printing tasks. Plus, with a screen resolution reaching 7680*4320 pixels, Saturn 2 8K is more than capable of reproducing the exquisite details needed for realistic 3D models.

Recognizing the delicate nature of an 8K screen, ELEGOO’s Saturn 2 8K has a replaceable 9H tempered film to guard against wear and tear. 9H tempered glass resists scratches from 9H pencils, the hardest standard grade of lead. As a result, the Saturn 2 8K is highly durable and has an extended screen life compared to other devices on the market.

Equipped with the industry’s first combination optical design of FCLS (Fresnel Collimating Light Source), a patented technology that was independently developed by the ELEGOO R&D team, the Saturn 2 8K overcomes the large-angle problem of typical COB light sources and the light spot problem of matrix light sources by adopting the patented Fresnel lens, an optical lens design technique that limits the light angle under 5 degrees. This results in sharper and more realistic printed models.

Working with ELEGOO’s new 8K standard and water washable resins, the Saturn 2 8K will deliver the best printing outcomes. In addition to the 8K resins, ELEGOO also introduced the new thermochromic resin, which changes from grey to purple at 50 degrees Celsius and returns to its original color when cooled.

ELEGOO also released new iterations of highly popular products in its portfolio. A step up from the popular Neptune 2, the Neptune 3 printer is priced at $209.99, making it the most affordable option among 3D printers with features of RSG (Resistance Strain Gauge) Auto Leveling System, Filament Runout/Clog Detector and taking less than 10 minutes to install. In tandem, ELEGOO has launched its new Mars 3 Pro LCD Printer and Mercury XS Bundle Clean and Cure machine, priced at $300 and $180 respectively — making them highly cost-effective 3D printing products.

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