eftPay participates in Retail Asia Expo for 3 consecutive years

Showcases one-stop e-Payment service solution “e+Pay”, which supports over ten e-Payment methods and is embedded with innovative e-Coupon platform

HONG KONG, Nov. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — eft Payments (Asia) Limited ("eftPay"), one of the leading e-Payment services providers in Hong Kong, is pleased to announce that, for the third year in a row, it is participating in Retail Asia Expo 2020, a leading retail industry event in APAC region. Kicking off today, the Expo takes place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center for three consecutive years. eftPay sets up a booth (location: Hall 1C, 500) with the theme "Energize your business", to showcase the e-Payment services it offers, including "e+Pay", a one-stop e-Payment service solution; and "e+Coupon", an innovative e-Coupon platform launched in recent months, which allows consumers to experience how a comprehensive e-Payment solution can helps merchants to improve their business efficiency.

Mr. Andrew Lo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of eft Payments (Asia) Limited shows the one-stop e-Payment service solution "e+Pay"
Mr. Andrew Lo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of eft Payments (Asia) Limited shows the one-stop e-Payment service solution "e+Pay"

"e+Pay" supports multiple e-Payment methods with a comprehensive back-end management system

"e+Pay", an e-Payment service solution designed to meet the needs of merchants, adopts eftPay’s core integrated payment system and is embedded with value-added functions and innovative services. The integrated payment system supports multiple e-Payment methods in one terminal, including credit card, QR code payment, and even overseas e-payment methods from Taiwan and South Korea. Currently, eftPay’s integrated payment system is one of the payment platforms that support the most e-Payment methods in Hong Kong, its installation-free and user-friendly that helps merchants to improve operational efficiency and reduce manpower.

In addition, "e+Pay" is embedded with a powerful back-end management system that includes multiple value-added features, such as Electronic Receipt Management (ERM) and Discount Offer Management, providing a convenient portal for merchants to access the receipt records via mobile and monitor their business performance at anytime and anywhere while reducing manual operations. Merchants used to have different terminals for different e-Payment methods, which is a heavy workload for staff and an inconvenience for daily settlement. "e+Pay" caters to the needs of merchants and provides a unified interface to complete the payment effectively. It has streamlined the transaction process, from account application to payment, for easier management in order for merchants to meet consumers’ payment needs.

"e+Coupon", an innovative e-Coupon platform to create marketing campaigns at a low cost

"e+Pay" also offers an e-Coupon platform "e+Coupon", combining membership system and e-coupon function. This installation-free feature can be easily operated using eftPay’s terminal. It allows merchants to set up marketing campaigns at a low cost, enhancing the opportunities to promote, reach out to potential clients, drive revenue, and review the effectiveness of the campaign at any time.

"e+Coupon" was officially launched in September this year and is a breakthrough of the industry. Apart from providing fundamental e-Payment services, eftPay is committed to continuing to seek innovation. It has thus designed "e+Coupon", a low-cost promotion channel for SMEs, which has received widespread support since its launch. Currently, more than 200 merchants have participated, most of which are small enterprises. To boost up sales, eftPay also offers promotion opportunities on social media platform and helps merchants to produce promotional videos.

eftPay, as one of the leading e-Payment service providers in Hong Kong, is dedicated in easing the blow of COVID-19 on SMEs. "e+Coupon" is designed to converge different merchants to establish marketing campaigns at a low cost.

Highly recognized by the market with its award-winning services

"e+Pay" is a highly effective solution and has won multiple awards, including the "Hong Kong Retail Innovation Award 2019: Best Retail Innovation (Product) Award for Technology Vendors (Bronze)", the "HKRMA 2020 Smart Retailing Award: Smart Retail Tech Award (Technology Vendors) — Merit Award" by The Hong Kong Retail Management Association and the "Hong Kong ICT Awards 2020: Smart business (Solution for SME) Gold Award" by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, an important award in the technology industry, which has affirmed "e+Pay"’s market recognition of.

Since its establishment in 2013, eftPay has been leading the development of local e-Payment industry. Its terminals are able to support the most commonly used payment methods in Hong Kong, including QR code payment, credit card payment, smart card payment, and mobile payment, etc. eftPay covers a wide range of merchants in Hong Kong. Apart from transaction services, it also provides services that improve operational efficiency and drive sales, including rapid processing of transaction data, promotional activities, etc.

Mr. Andrew Lo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of eft Payments (Asia) Limited said, "at eftPay, meeting customers’ needs is our core focus. We strive to provide merchants with the best quality e-Payment services. With our extensive experience, we clearly understand what merchants need and "e+Pay" is the brainchild. It is installation-free, user friendly, flexible and convenient, providing high quality payment services and creating win-win opportunities in the industry."

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About eft Payments (Asia) Limited

Established in 2013, eftPay is one of the leading e-Payment services providers in Hong Kong, providing merchants with comprehensive e-Payment services, including account opening, point of sale system and integration of payment system, transaction processing and payment settlement services. Currently, eftPay serves at least 22,600 stores in Hong Kong, including well-known local jewelry chains, electrical appliances stores, makeup and beauty stores, clothing stores, food and beverage, theme parks, convenience stores and supermarkets. Website: http://www.eftpay.com.hk/ 

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