EduTech Cakap to Provide a Qualified Education Access in Indonesia

Cakap Releases a Social Impact Report Focusing on Digital Transformation and Democratizing Quality Education Beyond Borders through an Online Platform

JAKARTA, Indonesia, May 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Not only people’s daily lives have undergone digital transformation, but also the education system, especially in Indonesia. It has experienced an acceleration in the transformation of learning methods to the digital world in the last year due to social restrictions and the enactment of the distance learning system (PSJJ) for all educational institutions.

Cakap’s 2020 Social Impact Report
Cakap’s 2020 Social Impact Report


After Indonesia National Education Day, the pioneer of online learning applications, Cakap, released its "Social Impact Report 2020" on May 3, 2021. The report highlights how Cakap utilized information technology as a platform that provides leading-edge learning solutions, which has ultimately provided access to quality education without requiring them to visit educational institutions in general.

"Based on our strong belief that access to quality education is a life-changer, Cakap is here to leverage sophisticated technology that is simple and flexible to promote the improvement of quality human resources. We are not only targeting students but also education stakeholders, so that together we can build our own quality for the benefit of the nation in the future," said Tomy Yunus, Co-founder and CEO of Cakap.

Tomy also stated, "For us, 2020 was a year of learning and transition, as well as the moment when Cakap participates in supporting the government’s efforts to continue to provide effective education to students, even if it’s not face-to-face." The fact that 94% of students have lost access to education in schools due to the pandemic, makes the EduTech learning system as the most logical alternative solution for educational institutions to adapt.

Not only because of the pandemic, but also because of Indonesia’s population spread over 17,400 islands, making it difficult to balance and provide equal access to quality education. The readiness of Cakap facilities as one of the EduTech service providers has made Cakap a bridge connecting students and teachers from more than 95 cities, in 34 provinces.

According to the report, by 2020, Cakap has assisted in the empowerment of over 600 professional teachers from all over Indonesia, allowing these teachers to maintain a stable income and feel comfortable teaching because they can teach from anywhere where they can meet students who are more than 5,000 kilometers away. Cakap also developed partnership programs with more than 188 corporations, foundations, and government institutions to provide access to quality education in underdeveloped villages throughout the archipelago, such as Toba, Sumba, Lombok, Halmahera, and Sorong.

In terms of improving education, here are some points that can be highlighted at Cakap Social Impact Report during the year of 2020 journey.

  • From all over Indonesia, more than 120,000 students have successfully completed learning program through Cakap,
  • Cakap have conducted more than 500,000 classes sessions throughout the year,
  • More than 13,000 families in underdeveloped areas have been impacted socially, because their children have the opportunity to specifically and intensively of quality education through the Cakap platform.

These impacts are concrete actions that Cakap has taken in its mission to promote a digital learning system as a tool that can eliminate inequality in access to quality education in Indonesia. "Continuing our commitment, Cakap will stay to strive for an onward Indonesia by creating excellent Indonesian human resources, in order to increase the nation’s competence and be highly competitive in the eyes of the world," concluded Tomy Yunus.

The ‘2020 Cakap Social Impact Report’ gives a real picture of the outcomes of Cakap’s efforts in improving the quality of human resources through competence enhancement, which will undoubtedly contribute to the face of Indonesian education in the future.

Cakap‘s 2020 Social Impact Report can be found at


Cakap is a startup company that develops online learning applications with two-way interactions between students and professional teachers through video calls and text conversations. We aim to improve welfare by increasing the intelligence level of the nation’s children. Cakap now provides foreign language learning as well as vocational learning in the form of English, Mandarin, Japanese, self-development and so on that both adult and child consumers can participate in.

Available on Google Play and the App Store to reach different consumer segments, because everyone has the right to quality education. CAKAP provides educational solutions with an international standard learning curriculum. Additional information about Cakap can be found on its website


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