EdTech Unicorn EEO to Build a Globally Connected Lifelong Learning Ecosystem

BEIJING, July 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On July 20th, EdTech unicorn EEO opened a new office in Seoul, Korea. EEO is in partnership with over 60,000 institutions across more than 150 countries, hosting 20 million users. As global businesses expand, EEO, parent company of ClassIn, announced plans to move the overseas headquarter to Singapore in the second half of 2022. The company will proceed to further localization and serve its clients from bases in China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and Philippines.

"Korea as a country highly values education, and with the pandemic, educators are picking up on the major impact education technologies have on the development of education," Jaeeun Im, country manager of Korea at EEO, maintained. "We are witnessing increasing demands in the market for professional education products like ClassIn."

Jaeeun expressed high expectation for the launch of ClassIn in Korea. She introduced that ClassIn’s interactive classroom is equipped with more than 20 teaching tools, an IM system, assignment and exam functions, as well as a backend school management dashboard. Additionally, it has been proven in numerous learning scenarios across 150 countries that ClassIn helps deliver more effective and personalized instruction. A well-rounded interactive virtual classroom, ClassIn not only brings engagement and creativity to online learning, but it also affords the innovation of different class designs and pedagogies through hybrid methods.

In the meantime, ClassIn is undergoing an exciting round of iteration. After eight years of exploration into hybrid learning, EEO believes that "The true value of hybrid learning lies in connecting students to the real world and diverse schools of thought, prompting more discussion and reflection. In turn, students are equipped to break down physical and cognitive barriers to exploring the unknown." Designed with a firm grasp on the learning process, the new and improved ClassIn will support hybrid learning environments, prioritize discussions and collaborations, enable formative assessments, and give rise to long-lasting learning communities. In particular, users will be part of the ClassIn Learner Hub, where both independent and community-based learning are supported with abundant learning materials and evaluation methods.

Looking to work with global educators to reach a more inclusive and equitable future in education, EEO is committed to continuously improving its products. Specifically, the company will update ClassIn with regard to valuable customer feedback, creating an enriched teaching experience for educators and supporting students on the path of lifelong learning.


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