Dymax Introduces New Light-Curable Low-Shrink™ OP-81-LS Epoxy

Specially Formulated for Rapid Optical Positioning Applications

TORRINGTON, Conn., Jan. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —Dymax, leading manufacturer of rapid light-curing materials and equipment, introduces Low Shrink™ OP-81-LS epoxy that cures in seconds upon exposure to broad-spectrum light for fast, precise optical assembly.

OP-81-LS has very low volumetric shrinkage during cure, low coefficient thermal expansion for stability through thermal excursions, and meets ASTM E595 outgassing requirements, making it ideal for the positioning and bonding of lenses, prisms, fibers, or other optical components. The material does not react until exposed to light, so manufacturers have time to accurately align parts before assembly and cure.

The epoxy features a low temperature (80-85°C) heat-curing function in applications where shadow areas exist or where only heat-cure is preferred. The material is solvent free and one component, requiring no mixing. Low-Shrink OP-81-LS is designed to bond dissimilar substrates, including polycarbonate, glass, acrylic, and metallic surfaces and is well suited for use in consumer electronics applications.

Optical Device Bonding
Optical Device Bonding

About Dymax

Dymax develops innovative rapid and light-curable materials, dispense equipment, and UV/LED light-curing systems. The company’s adhesives, coatings, and equipment are perfectly matched to work seamlessly with each other, providing design engineers with tools to dramatically improve manufacturing efficiencies. Major markets include aerospace and defense; medical device; and consumer and automotive electronics.

For additional information on Dymax, visit www.dymax.com or contact us at [email protected] or +65-67522887.

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