Duolink launches official distribution channel for SpeakerBuds, after crowdfunding project exceeds $223K in pre-orders

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Duolink Go is launching an official distribution channel on October 7 for its highly-successful 400% crowdfunded three-in-one SpeakerBuds – a world first all-in-one device combining true wireless earbuds and a two-part charging case with in-built speakers.

Duolink Go crowdfunding poster
Duolink Go crowdfunding poster

Aiming to create a new, innovative, niche category in the audio hardware market, Duolink SpeakerBuds attracted the attention of over 250,000 consumers from over 60 countries, with 2,100+ early-birds investing in the new earbuds, main and two stereo speakers device.

Thanks to Duolink SpeakerBuds offering those who crave better music experience with less gadgets their ultimate all-in-one device, the initial funding goal was reached just 11 hours after launch, before achieving a final funding total of four times the campaign’s investment target.

In total, Duolink raised $223,580 and, following that success, Duolink Go is now set to launch an official distribution channel via its own website for consumers to secure their own SpeakerBuds for the price of just $149.

Duolink Go will soon be entering the Japanese market by launching its SpeakerBuds on Green Funding on September 24, while also exploring partnerships with local interior stores, appliance stores and e-commerce platforms. However, Duolink Go will maintain its US by expanding into the offline market through partnerships with local distributors.

For more information, and to buy Duolink SpeakerBuds, visit: https://duolinkgo.com/


Founded in 2018, Duolink Go designs adaptable audio devices for music lovers. Set up by Founder, Victor Liu, Duolink Go’s team of top-notch acoustic engineers aim to bring joy of music to the world through constant innovation. SpeakerBuds were developed as its flagship debut for the world to play and enjoy music in more than one way.


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