Dreame Technology and AliExpress Entering into Strategic Cooperation for Branding

SHENZHEN, China, May 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dreame Technology, a global leading company in smart home cleaning appliances, joins the "G100 Global Selling Plan" of AliExpress. As the one and only home appliance brand, Dreame Technology signs a brand strategic cooperation agreement with AliExpress on May 26 in Shenzhen.

Joining AliExpress G100 Global Selling Plan represents a major milestone for Dreame Technology to become a global and influential brand
Joining AliExpress G100 Global Selling Plan represents a major milestone for Dreame Technology to become a global and influential brand

"The brand strategic cooperation agreement marks a closer cooperation between Dreame Technology and AliExpress. It motivates us to develop high-class products for consumers and build up Dreame’s superior brand in home appliance field worldwide", said CEO and founder of Dreame Technology, Yu Hao.

By virtue of its endurable product quality, intelligent and user-friendly functions in home cleaning and prominent performance at AliExpress, Dreame Technology has been awarded as the Fastest Growing Brand of 2020 by AliExpress in April, 2021 and its cordless stick vacuum T20, V11, V10 have been ranked as the top sellers on AliExpress.

Since 2020, sales volume of Dreame cordless stick vacuum has achieved the TOP 1 in AliExpress French market and successfully become one of the best new brands in Europe. During the AliExpress Black Friday campaign in the same year, Dreame official store ranked the highest sales value within the home cleaning appliance category.

"We have visited Dreame’s smart factory and talked with their experts in the fields of R&D, quality assurance and supply chain. Their passion and dedication for smart home appliances and high-end technology is impressive. I believe Dreame Technology would grow into a top home appliance brand with global influence in the near future," said a senior executive of AliExpress.

Dreame Technology has launched a live streaming product event on May 8, 2021. This successful event attracted over 100,000 global viewers with 205,000 visits for Dreame Bot L10 Pro on AliExpress and its inventories sold out within 2 days in Russia.

About Dreame Technology

Established in 2015, Dreame Technology, an innovative consumer product company focuses on smart home cleaning appliances with the vision to empower life through technology.
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