Dreame Technology: Aims to Provide Smart Home Cleaning Solutions

BEIJING, April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dreame Technology, a growing innovative company specializing in smart home cleaning appliances, has recently debuted its 2021 Red Dot Design Award winner robot vacuum cleaner Dreame Bot L10 Pro that is optimized with the advanced LiDAR navigation technology to provide intelligent cleaning experiences and free consumers from tedious chores.

Widely regarded as an essential component for autonomous vehicles in L3 level (advanced driver assistance systems) and L4/L5 level (driverless), LiDAR is an active measuring device that emits laser light to measure the precise distance between an object and the sensor. It allows the vehicle to perceive the surrounding environment more accurately, also known as the "eyes of intelligent driving".

As robot vacuum cleaners are getting popular among the market, indicators such as suction power and run time are commonly considered in choosing products. However, the ability to detect and avoid obstacles is overlooked. According to Dreame Technology’s market research, one of the top pain points of the current robot vacuum is getting stuck by items on the floor such as cables and slippers.

Dreame Bot L10 Pro has successfully solved the problem through its LiDAR navigation technology. Equipped with structured light 3D scanner and self-developed SLAM algorithm, Dreame Bot L10 Pro uses HIGH PRECISION 3D obstacle avoidance technology to identify objects larger than 3mm. Its millimeter-level detection of 360-degree view enables itself to automatically scan surrounding environment in 3D and generate an intelligent cleaning route accordingly in advance, reducing the risk of getting stuck or collided. 

"We put priority on technology breakthrough and consumer insight. Dreame Bot L10 Pro has unveiled a new era of smart and hassle-free cleaning," said Frank Wang, International Marketing Director of Dreame Technology. "Dreame Technology aims to provide integrated smart home cleaning solutions through the cutting-edge robot vacuum cleaners as well as the strong cordless vacuum cleaners, such as T30, V11 SE and V12."

Generating an industry-leading powerful suction 150AW, 185AW and 190AW respectively, Dreame cordless vacuum cleaner V11 SE, V12 and T30 can not only remove dust from shaggy carpets and hard floors, but also keep home spotless and expel fresher air.

Dreame Bot L10 Pro, Dreame cordless vacuum cleaner V11 SE, V12 and T30 will be available on Amazon and AliExpress in this May and June. Dreame Technology will also launch two pioneering robot vacuum cleaners later this year – the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro, a vacuum and mop 2-in-1 that comes with an auto-empty base for automatic dirt disposal, and Dreame Bot W10, a vacuum and mop 2-in-1 with mop self-cleaning capacity.

About Dreame Technology 

Established in 2015, Dreame Technology, an innovative consumer product company, focuses on smart home cleaning appliances with the vision to improve global users’ life quality through technology. Follow us on FacebookInstagram?and Twitter. For more information, please visit https://www.dreame-technology.com.


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