DragonSB was “stolen” by hackers for 10 million USD, but the founder team was unfazed: “There is no reason to be scared.”

Before the news of DragonSB being hacked, the NFT gaming community was confused, but before the professional handling of the Dev team, gamers all praised the project’s "fair play".


SINGAPORE, May 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In recent days, information of DragonSB’s hack, which caused up to $10 million in damage, has attracted the attention of a sizable portion of the NFT gaming community. Not only because this is not a little sum of money, but also because DragonSB has been one of the most well-known Vietnamese NFT gaming project since its inception. Currently, it is not difficult to list the damage that DragonSB has sustained as a result of the mission, but it is somewhat remarkable that the majority of the game’s players appear unaffected.

"Hacking is something that no one wants, but as soon as we heard about it, our Dev team quickly published an announcement and carefully inspected the system" commented DragonSB Founder Thu Ha Vu following the accident. As a result, the amount of damages is not excessive, and we are convinced that we have a tight and comprehensive resolution. The DragonSB team is willing to keep its promises to investors and the community.

When the community was being exploited by scammers, DragonSB’s Dev team came up with a fast solution to reassure users. Within an hour of the occurrence, the team advised users to stop trading SB tokens and calmed holders with screenshots on BSC and Terra, evaluating and refunding all tokens hacked.

DragonSB also answers all community comments through livestream. The Dev team’s actions are highly appreciated by the public due to the "fair play" that few projects dare to engage in this case. A small group of players is still worried, but the rest of DragonSB’s players keep optimistic and calm. There are even many fans who have voiced their trust and claimed that they would support more passionately when this technique is implemented. Many YouTubers got aware of the issue and updated the community of DragonSB’s professional handling. Please visit for further information: 


It is also not surprising because, following the hack, the price of SB dropped from $1.28 to $0.39, but has since returned and exploded (currently, the price is $1.18/SB and continuous growth). The project also raised the liquidity pool by X2 when compared to the original, specifically to $ 1,120,000 – the number of liquidity pools top ranking in the Crypto industry.

Check the transaction hash directly at: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x55a400d6601a46a53da5a35ef8abedaa2294449d2809990f74aa1038c216ecd2

They also believe that with the sustained growth of DragonSB not only in Vietnam but throughout the world, the 10 million USD number is not unattainable. Even the founders have shown substantial capital potential and are committed to ensuring user benefits. Many marketplaces and close partners, on the other hand, have promised to support DragonSB in discovering a solution to retrieve the stolen tokens.

Overall, DragonSB is still a trustworthy name at the present, and despite being damaged in such ways by the recent hack, gamers still regard this game as a safe destination for those who want to play the game. Invest in the NFT series of games to get experience.

According to the roadmap, DragonSB will launch the mobile game in May with many interesting projects such as PvP mode and Tournament organization with Pool Reward up to $1,000,000. SB holders are also anticipating future IDO platform events as just another opportunity to store more of the project’s tokens. For more info, visit link: https://dragon-sb.com/


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